Castel Dell 'Ovo Naples, Italy

This story is a bit odd and IS true.

I recently took a trip to Naples, Italy. But, before I tell my story, I should tell you about my trading card game as it is important in this story. Well, not much to say about it, except that I created it in 1971. I have passed it down to my son, he passed it down to his son. I have a record of all 352 cards ever created.

As I was saying, I went to Naples, Italy. While there, I visited a place called Castel Dell 'Ovo. I didn't go inside, but I did explore a bit on the outside. Something white caught my eye. I looked at the ground, and what I saw shocked me. It was one of the cards that my grandson made! But how is that possible? He lives all the way in Michigan! I picked it up and read the name of the card. "Lodby". There was no card documented as "Lodby".

The back of the card confirmed it was indeed an official Figure Fighters card. It even had my grandson's signature on it for god's sake; it even said "Cra-Z Bug Games (C) 2011". It even had the official Figure Fighters icon! The little drawing on the card was black and white and depicted what looked like a rabbit of some sort with a human face. The face looked like my grandson's. It was standing on its hind legs and it was holding a burned skull.

Its only move was named çÜt. It was written in unicode. I figured it said "cut" since the ç and the Ü and the t seemed to spell out cut. But this card—who made it? And why did it have my grandson's signature? What about the human face? This card still haunts me, even though after I took it home, it mysteriously disappeared.

I hope I never see Lodby again.

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