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I was in the car with my parents, as they were driving me home from school. It was a cold and dark December night in 2018. We just passed a small graveyard, when we saw a boy.

This boy seemed uncomfortable, and he was shivering from the cold. Even though he was wearing a worn-out and old jacket, he still seemed like he was freezing.

My dad, being a priest in all, stopped the car and ran to the small boy. The boy explained he was somehow lost, and his name was Jack Homerton. My dad said Jack could come along with us, until we found his parents. I thought something was odd about Jack. There were no houses, or stores, or anything near the graveyard. How could he possibly have gotten lost?

I let Jack borrow my sweater when we came home. My mom even contacted the school, asking if maybe Jack was a student there. While mom did that, I went around the neighborhood with my dad to see if Jack belonged to any of our neighbors. I had to finish my stupid homework first, of course.

Most of the neighbors slammed their doors, saying "no". But eventually, my dad and I came upon the last neighbor.

"Hello, my daughter and I found a boy named Jack Homerton near a graveyard. Is he yours?" Dad asked them politely.

The neighbors exchanged confused looks on their faces. Finally, they said;

"Our son Jack B. Homerton died in 2015."

Dad was shocked at this news. Jack was currently at home with my mom, and I ran to the house to check if Jack's middle name started with a "B".

"My middle name is Ballan." He said, quietly. I whispered to mom what me and my dad found, and my mother came with Jack to the neighbors claiming Jack was theirs.

"Jack?!" The neighbors screamed in shock.

Jack refused to respond. He took out something from his pocket. I looked closely to see what it was.

It was a blackjack.

I couldn't remember much the next day. It seemed I had passed out last night. I wasn't in the hospital now, but I was informed the neighbors were. My parents only got a small bruise, both on the head. Nobody knows what happened to Jack, the police only found one tiny clue.

Turns out they found footsteps in the graveyard, leading to Jack's tombstone.