Jessie fiddled with the silver band around her finger while staring at the pistol she chose through the glass casing. She didn't know much about guns, but she knew it needed to be perfect. This one was, and the pawn broker helped steer her decisively toward what she wanted.

"What exactly you using it for?" Rick had asked.

"Sorry?" said Jessie.

"You know, what's the primary use you're looking for?"

"Oh, right! Home defense, basically. Also, it's a gift for my husband."

"Easy enough. There's plenty to choose from here. Your husband open carry?"

"Something concealable, I think."

"Maybe this?" Rick pulled out a standard sized pistol and laid it on top of the counter. "Very reliable. Deconstructs easy for cleaning. It's simple, but it does the job."

"I'm sure he has plenty of those already. I wanted to give him something special from me."

"There's something for the collector too." He put away the first pistol and brought another one to the counter. "Cool thing about this one is that the chassis is removable from the frame. If he wants to, he can switch for a longer barrel, shorter barrel, bigger frame, smaller frame, et cetera, et cetera." Jessie looked on with feigned intrigue. "Only drawback is that it could be temperamental with the wrong attachment."

"I guess not, then. He might get upset if something goes wrong," said Jessie. Her gaze turned to one particular handgun set off to the side in another casing. "Tell me about this one. It's so little!"

"That it is," said Rick. "It's concealable alright. Never jams either."

"It sounds perfect!"

"Not one to practice with, I'm afraid. The caliber is a bit unique and the bullets are hard to come by. You sure he wouldn't be more satisfied with something that uses nine millimeter?"

"Won't be an issue. My husband will find the bullets just fine. How does it feel when fired? As apposed to the rest, I mean."

"This one's definitely lighter, and it may jump in the hand a little."

"Will that affect the aim?"

"Not if you take it slow. It's as small as it is reliable."

"That settles it then. This is what I need." Jessie was as sure of her decision as anything. Rick came back from the office with approved background checks for both her and her husband.

"I tell you, he's one lucky guy, your husband. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Yes, actually. I was hoping I might even out the price with an item to trade?"

"I got my calculator. Let's see what you got."

"Just this." Jessie pulled the silver band from her finger and handed it to Rick. He held it up to the light to read the engraving on the ring. 'Til death do us part.'

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