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15 years ago.

It was Christmas in New York City. Billy was walking down the streets and having lots of fun with his time with his friends. They went from playing snowball fights, building a snowman, and going into shopping malls.

When it was 9:30 PM, Billy and his friends all walked their ways home, when suddenly, one of his friends asked him and the others whether they took any interest in following them into an abandoned theme park that they discovered.

"Um, sorry guys, it is getting late. I should probably head home right now," said Billy.

"Aw, come on, Bill, please, we just come there to explore and have fun with us. It will only last a couple of minutes," said Dandy.

"..." Billy stayed silent and looked at Dandy.

"Please, come on!" said Dandy. Billy just sighed. He looked away for seconds before leaning his head back at Dandy.

Billy is one of the peoples that are described to be almost wholly addicted to video games. Sure, he usually hangs out with his friends. Still, only if they invite him to places that interest him, most of the time, what he does was spend his time home and playing video games until it is time for going to bed, and now, he just so happens also want to go home early to go on his laptop before getting to bed. His parents aren't those who support children at an age like him to stay awake overnight. However, despite this, Billy was born with a personality that of a person that "can't miss the fun" it means wherever his friends went off to, he always follows them to see where they go and would sometimes display out a bit of jealousy if he ever misses the fun his friends are having.

"Fine, let's go," growled Billy.

They all walked their way deep into the woods and arrived at the theme park.

"Huh, "Joking Jester's Theme Park"? I never heard of it in my entire life," said Billy.

"Must be one of the old theme parks of the late 19s, I guess," said Brian.

Billy was a bit uncomfortable. What makes him feel so is that red-like substances painted all over the walls, yet the red implications seemed to be a bit realistic, like real blood itself.

"Uh! Guys, what the hell is this?!" asked Eli. The friends all walked forward and saw.

"Wait! Are these...TALISMAN!?" asked Brian in shock.

"Why would Talisman be sticking all over the gateway?" asked Eli.

"Oh, don't worry, must be some decorations," said Dandy.

"Are you sure? Because it looks very realistic to me," said Billy.

"Don't sweat it, let's go, shall we?" asked Dandy.

Dandy walks forward and rips all of the talismans off.

"Huh? I wonder how long has this place been abandon," said Brian. "3-years? 10-years? Maybe way back to the late 1900s, perhaps?"

"Whatever this is, I swear to god, it gives me the creeps," said Billy.

"Oh, great, guests, of course, lost teenagers, am I right, author?"

While they continue to walk, what they didn't know is that they are being observed by an individual standing on top of a Ferris wheel.

"Hey, I got a name you know, author?"

Shut the fuck up and do your role in the story!

"*Sigh*, yes, yes, I'm moving on,"

While the teens were wandering the theme park, they suddenly started to hear some small squealing sounds coming from somewhere far away from their distance before it stops.

"What the, what was that?" asked Brian.

"Probably just the wind," said Dandy.

"Really? It looks more like a screech of something. Do you think we should head back or what?" asked Brian.

"Yeah, I think so," said Billy.

"Aw, come on guys, are you just gonna be afraid of all this?" asked Dandy.

"Whatever, hurry up, and let's get on with it. This place starts to creep me out," said Billy.

They all first went to a house of glasses. They all start looking at each reflection they walk past. While Billy was walking with his eyes narrowing towards each of his reflections, he saw his review wholly changed when he passes by the next mirror. This time, he saw his reflection as only having legs. However, these weren't his legs. These legs are very slender, yet its completely pitch black and doesn't seem to match the appearance of a human being's leg. When Billy looked all over it, he noticed sharp-like finger-toes on each of the legs.

"What the, are these some special effects to prank people? Got to say it's pretty realistic," said Billy.

He continued to walk away.

With Brian, he is also looking through each of his reflections. Each of them was normal for a while. When he turned to the right side of the corner, it was a dead end.

"Oh, looks like it's the end, better get back to" Brian stopped as he sees that the direction he has taken from earlier has also become a dead end.

"Huh! That's weird. I surely remember there was a path right here," said Brian. He turned around, but he couldn't find any routes to get out of here.

"H-HEY! W-WHAT THE FUCK!!! HELLO!? IS ANYBODY THERE?! DANDY!? ELI?! BILLY?! HEY GUYS! IS THIS A PRANK? IT'S NOT FUNNY!" Brian shouted, but no response, but for a while later, the scene all around him starts to shift, the mirrors begin to open a path that leads to a door-way, Brian then found a note on the floor that is written with his name on his, it was for him.

"Please leave the theme park. It isn't safe. This is my hunting ground. I don't want to harm any innocent humans-gah! I mean, peoples, so please leave,"

Brian thought that this was some joke from the first glance, but it also looked severe. Brian fled outside of the theme park, picked out his phone, and contacted the police.

When Eli and Billy walk out from the mirror house.

"Hey, Billy, I think there is something not right with this theme park," said Eli.

"You mean the special effects back at the mirror house?" asked Billy.

"What special effects?" asked Eli.

"Well, back then, there was a mirror I passed by and saw the reflection of two pitch-black slender-legs, with devil-like finger-toes, and seemingly the legs are, somewhat, humanoid," said Billy, Eli wasn't sure what is Billy describing, she looks away for a while before seeing Dandy walking into a haunted house.

"Huh? Look, it's Dandy," said Eli. They both followed Dandy.

"Dandy! Dandy!" said Eli.

But when the two all walks through the door, what they saw was something unordinary. They are standing on a rainy street, with no signs of anyone, nothing except for the roads, street lights, and buildings, then suddenly, they saw Dandy standing right in front of them, not react or moving an inch of his body.

"Dandy! Hey!" but suddenly, Eli's right hand was grabbed by Billy as he pulled her back.

"Wait, somethings not right," said Billy.

"Dandy! Are you all right?" asked Billy.

Dandy stayed silent for a while before responding with a sinister tone.

"Billy, Eli, we're friends, right?" asked Dandy.

The two stayed silent for a while.

"Y-yes..." replied Billy.

"Good, good. If we are friends, you guys are willing to offer me yourself, right?" asked Dandy.

Billy and Eli were both left speechless for a while.

"D-Dandy, w-what do you mean by "offer me yourself"?" asked Eli in nervous.

Dandy twitches his head, his neck began to twist, and his head spins around without the body moving, revealing a sinister smile on his face. This shocked and frightens the two.

"If so, then, LET.ME.EAT.YOU!!!" Dandy roared and started to shift his entire body into a slender figure that is purely pitch-black. His legs begin to go longer and get paler.

What Billy and Eli see now is a tall figure with immeasurable height. The two can't see clearly what is on top since it is too high. However, Billy recognized something. The creature seemed familiar. A moment of thinking, he realized.

"That's the creature I've seen back at the mirror house, so that wasn't a special effect of the theme park?" said Billy.

The creature begins to walk forward, Eli and Billy tried to run, but suddenly everything around them starts to become a bit weird.

The street their standing starts to automatically bend itself like liquid as the figure slowly walks forward at them.

"Oooooh~ Food!" a voice has spoken.

The two friends turned around and saw a person with pure whitish skin wearing long-like purple and red striped clothing, a jester hat with yellowish bells. But what caught Billy and Eli's attention was the person's face. The person's face is devoid of most featured, no nose, ears, or eyelids, what reveals is a jagged twisted mouth and yellowish sharp-pointy teeth with empty and pitch-black glaring eye-sockets that displays out red fire-like luminescent pupils, on the person's forehead, reveals a star that resembled a lot to "The Star of Bethlehem." but it seemed to be mixed with the color of red.

The person's face is almost like a mask. But the difference is that Billy can tell that the mask is the person's face and that this is not a human being, but something that he doesn't know, he is now wondering, what is a ten-foot-tall creature even doing here.

The court jester's face suddenly splits in half and reveals what's inside: greenish tentacle-like appendages covering the person's entire face and shots forward.

The Jester immediately spun his right leg and turned the whole street into a whirlwind. It later went back to a standard, abandoned warehouse when Jester stops spinning his right foot.

"My, my, look what we have here," the Jester stretches his head forward towards the entity who attempts to eat the two friends from early. The head slowly grew more prominent the more it approaches the entity until it is now comparable to the entity's size. The Jester swallows the whole entity and starts to munch it inside of his mouth.

When he is finished, the Jester walks forward at the friends and stares at them, making them feel a menacing presence that induces fear.

"You know, next time, don't befriend malevolent Lovecraftian Horrors kids. It is not safe to befriend them because you might end up either becoming their slaves, being a part of their religious cult, or become their sacrifices. I know this through the experience of having over fifty-billion evil Lovecraftian Horrors that enter this dimension to start their "jobs" as my food! But thanks to you, I'm now free after that fucking exorcist misunderstood me as an evil demon!" exclaimed the Jester.

The Jester then stands up and throws a cape into the air while waving his hand to bye-bye the friends. The mantle hovers towards the two friends and covers them up. When the two friends all flip the cape opens, they found themselves sitting together; right in front of them were polices surrounding the area.

When Billy and Eli turned around and looked back, what they saw was nothing other than a gate with the name "Gremory Entertaining Park." The police asked Billy and Eli what happened. Billy and Eli know that there is no way the police would believe their words. So, they just stayed silent.

Later on, Billy, Eli, and Brian were all sent home. The police have investigated and were never able to trace the theme park's whereabouts mentioned by the friends. The theme park does not exist in any records at all. Dandy, no one remembers him, even for his family.

Joking Jester.png.png

The next day in school. Brian asked Billy and Eli what happened, and they told him about the encounter they have with the strange court-jester. And also explained that Dandy is an evil Eldritch Abomination that wants to consume them. When Brian asked for them to describe by drawing court-jester, Billy and Eli aren't professional artists, but Billy will try, and he ends up sketching fewer details. But Brian could already imagine what it looks like in real life.

Billy never forgets what has happened that day. However, he became interested in the entity of the "Joking Jester's Theme Park." He asked peoples on the web whether they know anything about the theme park, which turned out to be an amusement park, and the court-jester that lives inside it. A lot of peoples have responded to him and said that they have no clue. Some say that they have once entered the theme park and experienced the same as Billy, but they also have no clue who or what the Jester is. Until he was about to give up, he suddenly received a message from an anonymous user on Messenger.

[Hey there, I heard you were curious about the "Joking Jester Theme Park." I know about that amusement park, actually.]


[Yeah, I know the entity that lurks inside of there. I also did some research ever since the day I've been in there.]

[Can you provide me some information?]

[Well, sure, you see here, the entity you saw in the theme park was "Joking Jester." the same name as the amusement park itself. Joking Jester himself is a creature that is the offspring of a female Eldritch deity and an outcast human court-jester of the 15th century. He is believed to be an urban legend that walks the planet for the purpose is to feast on evil Lovecraftian Horrors to gain more power.]

[Okay, what can this "Joking Jester" do? Like what is he or it capable of?]

[Through your observation, you would first think you see hallucinations, but no, he appears to be able to manipulate the various laws of logic through both non-humorous and humorous acts. But he prefers to do funny way. This took me years to research the entity.]

[Wait? Like he manipulates logic?]

[Toon-Force too, he possesses these properties. Because mainly, Joking Jester earns those powers based on his characteristic. Since he was born and inhabited his father's personality as being humorous and kind-hearted, because of that, the perfect ability that suits him the most is no other than Toon-Force, Complete Arsenal, Paradox, Origin, Logic-Manipulation, Plot Armor, of course.]

[Wait!? Are you saying that the theme park was created by himself?]

[What else could it be, idiot! Of course, the powers that the entity wields are all sub-powers of Omnipotence. Well, I searched this on Powers and Abilities wiki, although we don't know if it's true to Joking Jester though, since it is believed he exists in a different plane of existence with other laws applied him. However, I doubt would there even be any laws that he would get apply to him since he has two trustworthy "friends" to defy those laws, sorry -_-]

[It's all right. Okay, so I want to know a lot about him. You mentioned that he was a part of a Folklore-Tale may you sent me the infamous myth about "Joking Jester"?]

[Well, it's not some web novel, so I'll have to write it down for you. I hope you can wait.]

[Sure, I can do that.]

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