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Just relax...

Do you know that feeling of being watched? Relax, there's nothing to fear. There's a logical and reasonable explanation for that feeling. Have you ever heard of pareidolia? It is most commonly referred to as the tendency to make human faces out of random objects. Take for example, the man on the moon or Jesus on toast. They say that this tendency was an essential tool for people back in ancient times.

Even in darkness people had to be wary of danger and given the limited information in darkness humanity had to adapt by learning to see faces even in places where they don't exist. That is pareidolia. Basically it is making information from raw data on the off chance that the info is right about the danger. The feeling of being watched has a similar background. With technology changing our stance in the natural order, such things became obsolete.

So relax, it's not like anything's going to pop out of the darkness while you're not looking. It's not like death's anything to fear anyway. If you believe in religion, you're going to a better place. If you don't, well you're dead, why should you care? Death is inevitable anyway.

Many greater men than you or I have wasted their lives trying to prove that saying wrong. There are two things in this world that never changes, death and taxes. People are born, they grow up, they age, they die. That is the natural progression of things and unless technology changes that again, that's how things are going to be for the rest of everyone's lives. In short, worrying about death is useless.

No, what you really have to worry about is how you're going to die. Did you know that when a head is cut off of the body it survives for up to a minute, often watching the headless body as it slowly passes out and dies in a soundless scream of intense horror?

Or that when you are slowly burning alive, flames licking your body as your body fat slowly fuels the fire further cooking you from the inside out, the intense pain of the ordeal preventing you from passing out as you feel every excruciating second of your slow, painful death? Starvation, dismemberment, evisceration, even this downright psychopathic way to kill someone called scaphism; there are so many painful ways to die.

Now relax. If you don't move, I promise to make this quick and painless.