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Every morning I wake up and there are scratches on my face.

I went to the doctor, but he told me that I was just scratching myself in my sleep. I wrapped my fingers in bandages but when I woke up the next morning there were more scratches still.

Tonight I’m going to figure it out. Tonight I’m going to stay awake with my eyes closed and see what’s actually happening.

It’s really hard to stay awake and pretend like you’re sleeping all night. I’m learning that. So far nothing has happened. It’s about three in the morning and I’m thinking I might just give up… wait… what was that?

I think I hear my door opening. I can barely hear it, but it sounds like someone’s whispering something. What’s it saying? "Just a taste?" It’s getting closer and I can hear it better now. It’s just keeps saying, "just a taste", over and over. Holy hell… I’m so scared.

I couldn’t even move a muscle if I wanted to. I can tell it’s right above me now…oh nonono! What do I do? There’s something touching my face lightly. It feels cold and hard like a knife. ”Just a taste, just a taste.” It’s moving down my skin so slowly. I know that if I move or open my eyes it’s going to kill me right here in my bed.

“Just a taste.” The knife is gone now. Should I peek and see what it is?

I open my eyes just a bit, not enough to be noticed but just enough to see a silhouette. Shit, that thing can’t be human. Why did I ever try this? It’s licking the knife… no, that’s not a knife. It’s the tip of it’s hand. What is this thing? Oh thank god, it’s turning around. Is that... is that a tail? It’s moving so slowly. Move faster you bastard and stop saying that!

It’s finally in the hallway. It turned around to close the door and as it peeked through just before the door closes I can hear it say,

“Just a taste, just a taste... for now.”

Credited to diceroll123