The tombstone of Selina found near the house

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For many years I have heard about the infamous Kirby Road in Vaughn, Ontario but it wasn't till recently that I finally was able to look into it. I was driving to a pre-wedding party for my cousin at her groom-to-be's house and noticed that the road his house was on, Stephanie Blvd, was right off of this Kirby Road I had heard murmurs of before. Supposedly, this road often fools with your radio, your car will not start and all sorts of things that lead people to believe it was haunted. When I researched this, I found this wonderful blog which I owe a great deal of credit to for my further discoveries, as she was able to explain some of the legends surrounding this road and the supposedly two haunted houses there, as well as the solitary tombstone of a teenage girl located on the road. I'll be focusing on one aspect of the haunted Kirby Road on this blog:

"There [are] three stories concerning these houses. The first house is reported to have a reputation of crying babies and laughing children that are not there and a tomb stone with the words “Selina, I was a cute child” written upon it nearby the house. It is also reputed that if you park your vehicle on the driveway and sit quietly the little girl “Selina” will run around your vehicle all the while tapping on it here and there"

Sure enough, I just came back from visiting the site for the first time and eventually did find Selina's tombstone. The tombstone is unique not only because of the very peculiar "I'm a cute kid" epitaph but because of the lack of last name, typeface, and obviously the location. It is located 3 lampposts from the supposedly haunted house, a house my companion and I had decided we would go see after the tombstone. However, plans change. We did not see an apparition of Selina, hear her cry/laugh or see anything spookier than any rural road at 1:30am would be. But part of the legend of Kirby Road includes a truck that will suppoedly chase away anyone who comes to investigate and then suddenly disappear. Some accounts say it's red, some that it has only one headlight. After we were done looking at Selina's stone we decided to wait till one moving car passed by so that it would be slightly safer to walk back on the shoulder of the road. But the car did not pass. It pulled over. Right in front of us and Selina's tombstone. A pickup truck but one with both headlights and one that we believed to be black. The windows were not rolled down and nobody got out of the truck. My companion and I found that as good a time as any to get out of there and proceeded to walk back to my car, which I had parked over at Stephanie Blvd. just under half a kilometre away. The truck did not move from it's place. For at least 5 minutes. I remind you that this was at approximately 1:30am. I suppose it is entirely possible that the driver just saw two people at the side of the road and decided to pull over and see what was going on. Or that they too knew that Selina's tombstone was there and just happened to be visiting at the same time. But the fact that nobody ever got out of the car or approached us in any way is peculiar. And the fact that it was a pickup truck is at least eerily coincidental.

We didn't get a chance to investigate the house. I know I will certainly be making another trip there as I still do have so much left to discover. Who is Selina? Why does she have a tombstone at the side of the road? Which stories about Kirby road are true and how are they related, if at all? I'm being a little dishonest here as I have discovered the answers to a few of these questions already. But we'll save that for another time for now.

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