January 4th, 1945

Me and my Comrades were assigned to search and destroy in the middle of the Ardennes on the Western front. I adjusted my white helmet, and tucked in my white trench coat. I reloaded my MP40, and held it tight as I nervously scout the thick forests.

"Private First class, Hans!" Someone called out

I turned around to see my friend, Acting Corporal Kauffman.

"Yes?" I asked, at easing my legs, whilst also holding my MP40 close to me.

"Follow me, I found something weird." Kauffman directed me.

We ran through the forest, dodging fallen tree branches and rocks. We stopped at a large hole in the ground, the hole was the size of a house.

"We found this while we were scouting out the area!" Kauffman excitedly said.

The area around the hole was eerie, and gave me a very uneasy vibe.

"Doesn't this place give you the creeps?" Sergeant Claus asked, looking around as if he was expecting something to pop up behind us.

"I know right? but at least we finally found something. We've been searching here for days." Kauffman walked closer to the hole, and kneel'd down to see how far it goes down.

"We should probably report this to the Fuhrer." I said, shivering in the cold.

"Agreed, I'll scout out the area in case of any more suspicious behavior." Kauffman said as he marched away from the hole.

Claus and I ran over to the shack, which had our radio set up. We were interrupted by a scream which came from where Kauffman went. We sprinted to see what was going on, but when we got there it was too late. We saw Kauffmans mutilated body on the ground, his arm was ripped from his torso, and his face had a horrified look.

"What the Hell?" Claus said, taking a step back.

I stared in silence at the mutilated body of my friend.

"Alright we need to call this in now!" Claus ordered, grabbing me by the arm and rushed to the Radio shack.

Once we reached the Shack, Claus slammed the door shut, and put a chair under the handle, and picked up the radio, and dialed for the High Command.

"We need reinforcements! We have a possible stealth counter attack, either that or we are in a Coyote infested area!" Claus exclaimed into the Radio.

"Hold on, what’s going on?" The operator asked.

"One of our units was attacked, he was mutilated, it looks like a bear, or Coyote attack but in the same time he had a Rifle and a pistol, we need back up. We also found a strange hole, the size of a large house and is so deep you can't see the end of it." Claus explained to the operator.

"Understood, we will send some back up, we can't send many though since we are low on Manpower, and need our men in the front lines. What is your location?" The Operator asked.

"We are somewhere in the Ardenne's forest, Luxemburg, I'm with a Private First Class." Claus explained.

"We will send a rescue mission armed with heavily weapons." The Operator hung up.

A banging at the door startled me and Claus, following a loud screech.

"Wh.. What the hell?" Claus panicked, and aimed his MP40 at the door.

I copied Claus, and aimed my MP40 at the door, waiting for an attack.

"That's definitely not a bear, nor a coyote." I said, sweat going down my forehead.

The banging suddenly stopped, and the screeching slowly began to quiet down. Me and Claus stared at each other. The room was eerie silent, with the floorboards creaking, and the wind howling outside.

"Is it gone?" Claus whispered.

Claus slowly crept to the door, and removed the chair from the door as quietly as he could. I stayed behind him, making sure nothing pops out. Claus opens the door, and backs up when it swings open from the rough winds.

"When did the wind get so heavy?" Claus asked, looking back at me.

"Something is wrong.." I said, as I peak out the door.

"Yeah no shit." Claus said sarcastically.

Claus got himself back together, and stepped outside, looking left to right.

"Clear." Claus signaled me to come outside.

We walked together side by side, looking left to right, up and down, nervously breathing, listening carefully to our footsteps and the howling wind. A flock of birds could be seen flying away from a certain area, Claus and I looked in the direction but couldn't see anything. We came across the hole again, but realized something was different.

"Did this hole get wider?" I asked, staring into the deep dark abyss.

Claus looked at the hole, "Yeah, I think it did."

Bam! Ping! We heard a gunshot, followed by a loud ping.

"The Americans, just what we needed." I said with a annoyed tone.

Me and Claus ran for cover, until we could hear the screams and tears of the American Soldiers.

Claus got up and looked with his Binoculars, "What in the hell is that thing?" Claus leaned in closer to get a better look, "It's too fast and jumps way too much, I can't get a good descriptive of what it is."

"Can you see what colour it is?" I asked.

"Yeah, it seems to be dark grey-ish." Claus put up his Binoculars, "We need to take advantage of it being distracted and run."

"But how do you know there's only one of them?" I worryingly asked Claus.

"I- I don't know." Claus looked down, and then looked at the hole. "That hole, that creature must have something to do with this hole."

Claus walked over to the hole, he picked up a rock and threw it down the hole, but nothing came back in return, not even a sound. The Gun shots suddenly stopped, and the forest went silent once more. Me and Claus looked around, staying careful in case of a ambush.

"Lets move." Claus marched through the forest.

As we scout through the thick and freezing forest, we hear a cry, a calling, people calling our names and ranks.

"SERGEANT CLAUS!?" A voice called.

"OVER HERE!" Claus called back.

We ran closer to the voice, until we saw movement, it was the rescue team the Operator sent. Me and Claus waved our arms to get their attention, when they finally noticed us, we walked towards each other.

"Thank god, we need to get out of here as quick as possible." Claus said with a relieved relieved on his face.

"What happened, Sergeant?" Said one of the Soldiers.

"No time to explain, we need to get out of here quickly. This place is extremely hostile and needs to be condemned." Claus said as he tried to get the rescue team to leave the area.

"Alright, there is a camp nearby we can stay at for the night, it's getting dark." Said one of the Soldiers.

The Rescue team escorted us to the camp.

"Lets give some introductions, I am the Rescue team leader, I am Sergeant Major Kertz." Kertz said, looking back at us whilst also moving forward.

"I am Corporal, Peter, I am the Rescue team co-leader."

"I am Private First class, Gretzel, I am from Switzerland. And my parents loved nursery rhymes, so they named me one."

"And I am Private First class, Wolfgang."

"Nice to meet you, I am Sergeant Claus. And this is Private First class, Hans."

"Nice to meet you Claus, and Hans." Kertz greeted us.

A screech was heard in the distance, following the rustle of trees, and flocks of birds flying west. The wind got rougher which caused leaves and branches to fall off trees.

"What in the hell was that?" Kertz stopped his team, and looked from left to right.

"We need to go fast!" Claus pushed me and the team, and ran to the camp.

And before I knew it, the team was running for their lives, dodging branch and pebbles. We stopped at discovering the mutilated body of a German Shepard.

"ALBERN!" Gretzel cried out, "NEIN!"

We all stared as Gretzel cried to the dead dog.

"Albern... I shouldn't have left you!" Gretzel fell to his knees, and picked up the dogs remains.

I didn't know what to say, I don't think anyone did, all we did was stare.

"Albern, he was my dog.. He was put into the Military to search for landmines and sniff out enemies.. I took ownership, and when we were assigned to find you guys I left him at the camp a lone!" Gretzel eventually got back up, and wiped his tears, "Alright, lets get the hell out of here, I can't stand it anymore-"

Gretzel is interrupted, as a creature jumps on him, crushing him. His arms are dislocated and his right eye ball pops out, blood slowly begins to stain the snow. We all stared at the skinny, black creature. The creature twitched its head, and quickly looked back at us with it's glowing, red eyes. Those red eyes gave me a chilling feeling, as the creature and the team awkwardly stared at each other. The Creature let out a loud screech, and its eyes became brighter.

"RUN!" Kretzel shouted, and headed for the other direction.

Wolfgang stares at the creature, looking paralyzed. He snapped out of it and aimed his rifle at the creature, but the creature smacked the rifle out of his hand and leaped at him, and tore his stomach open, eating out his insides.

Peter couldn't ignore the screams of Wolfgang, and runs back to help his comrade but is stopped but is stopped by a second creature. Peter shoots his Rifle at the creature. The creature lets out a loud cry, and charges at peter. The creature was too fast for peter, and bites Peters neck, making a giant cash in his throat causing him to bleed out.

Kertz trips over a branch hidden in the snow. Claus stops to help Kertz,

"Nein, go on! It's too late you have to get out of here!" Kertz exclaimed.

"Nein! I'm not letting another one of my Comrades die!" Claus stubbornly refused.

Claus tries to get Kertz back up, but they are both separated by both of the creatures. Claus aims his MP40 at the creature, and opened fire. The Sub-machine gun was able to do some damage, causing the creature to bleed blue blood from the side. Kertz is crushed by one of the creatures foot.

"HANS! RUN!" Claus tossed a letter, which fell to the ground. "This is my letter to my family, give it to them if you make it out!"

I nodded, trying to hold back my tears. I ran to pick up the letter, and put it in my pocket on the front of my Trench coat.

I sprinted away from the scene, trying my best to not look back, trying my best to ignore the painful screams of my friend. I ran and ran, until dark. The moon shined bright onto the ground, and I was growing tired. I stopped and hid behind a large rock, and cried. I cried, thinking about all the good times me, Kauffman, and Claus had, like when we played poker together, the times we went to the bar got, drunk and played games, and then I thought about the fact that they are dead. I then wondered if I was going to die? I was too frightened to go to sleep, so I stayed up all night, huddled behind the rock.

January 5th, 1945

I looked up into the sky with my insomniac like eyes, as I realized the sun was rising. I got up, and let out a sigh. I picked up my MP40, and my helmet, and continued my journey to get out of the forest. As I walked through the forest I found the area where the American Soldiers were, the ones that Claus reported, I remembered the slightly open plain, with the sun shining on the snow. I ran over to the area to see if there was anything I can loot. I approached of what looked like a bloody massacre, mangled and mutilated bodies, equipment from the Soldiers flung and torn across the field, I ignored it as I've seen worse and looted anything I could take like rations, water, and medical equipment, until I noticed something, there was a corpse, but it was similar to that creature. I walked up to it to get a better view, the snow around was stained green from the creature's blood, but then I realized something, the creatures we saw in the forest were black, with red eyes, this creature was dark grey-ish, and had blue eyes, and was slightly wider. Are there different species of this creature? This theory disturbed me, but I realized that it was a corpse, meaning that the creature can in fact be killed, this boosted my confidence and made me a little less scared. I got up, and quickly ran away from the scene in case of any enemy snipers.

As I marched through the snowy forest, I saw something in the distance, of what seemed like a camp site. I jumped with glee, at this point I didn't care if it was the enemy or not, I just wanted to see people again, I wanted to get out of this damn forest. When I reached the camp site, it was empty, the tents were ripped and the lantern was knocked onto the ground. I wondered around, and searched for any clue of what happened here. I saw something that resembled dynamite, and next to it was a few shovels and pickaxes. I examined the dynamite, and got my answer on if the camp belonged to the enemy or if it was friendly, and I knew it was friendly since I saw a Swastika and Iron crosses on the equipment. I heard a screech in the distance, I got up and looked around, and I saw the hole, the deep abyss, the hole that most likely has something to do with what's going on. I looked at the equipment, and then the hole, connecting the pieces, this camp with dynamite and shovels, along with pickaxes is next to the hole. I had always heard rumors about Hitler conducting secret experiments to use against the enemy, I always thought they were only rumors, but is this one of them? I sat down on the log, next to the unlit fire wood. Where did the people go? I thought to myself, I felt a shiver down my spine as I imagined what happened to them, but I didn't see any bodies anywhere near the area. I heard the screech again, I got up and looked around, I saw a abandoned MG-42 inside one of the tents, so I picked it up and put some ammunition inside of it. I walked out of the tent, and I saw it, in the distance was one of the creatures that killed my Comrades, I picked up the MG-42 and stationed it on the log, aiming at the creature. The creature charged at me, it moved with extreme speeds, I opened fire, trying to hit the creature. I managed to hit the creature, slowing it down, the creature let out a cry, and backed up holding its leg, I opened fire some more while it was still, making it bleed more blue liquid until finally dropping to the ground, dead. A smile came across my face, knowing that I have almost avenged my Comrades, until I heard another creature charging at me from behind. I realized that the cries they give out are alarms, calls for help, I turned my body to face the creature, and tried to turn the machine gun around with me. It came closer and closer, and I gave up, I prepared for death until, BAM! I heard an explosion, I opened my eyes to see what happened, a cloud of smoke cleared up, revealing the body of the creature. The creature had hit a landmine hidden in the snow, I laughed to myself as I found it amusing to watch the creatures unknowingly walk into traps like that.

I packed up, and continued into the forest, but now a little paranoid about landmines and more creatures coming after me, but I kept a smile on my face, knowing I avenged my Comrades and the fact that the creatures are defeatable. Things were looking up, until I heard engines roar in the sky, I thought it was the Luftwaffe coming to save me until I noticed things resembling balls coming from the plane. I quickly ran to cover after realizing it was a bombing rush, the allies must have thought that there is a squad of Germans in the area that ambushed their soldiers. I took cover behind another rock, and watched as the bombs exploded in a line as they hit the ground, one of the bombs went inside the hole. After the bombing rush, I got out from cover and ran to the hole. A few minutes later I could hear a very faint, boom, and what came after made my heart sink. I heard whales, cries, moaning, groaning, and growling. Something was under there, something hostile, and we have just awoken it.

Authors Note ==

Yo, so if you have read this, thank you. This is my first "creepypasta". I like making stories, I may not be the best but I honestly try. I am taking criticism, and I want to know what you guys think, and how I can improve my writing. I am planning on making multiple episodes, or parts on this story. I am also a fast typer and I tend to make grammatical mistakes, or accidentally skip a entire sentence and not even realize it.

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