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Do you believe in other worlds? Like different dimensions or realities hidden deep into the universe's surface. No one can know really if there are other worlds out there, no one knows if monsters exist, but what we do know is that we live in one hell of a world.

Chapter 1: Deployment

I held my MP-40 between my legs as the truck bumps up and down from the unsteady pathway. I was nervous, we were all nervous, but we hit this emotion deep down in our soul because this is what we prepared for, at least that's what we thought.

"Korporal, Hans!" Someone called out.

I looked up startled by the sudden loud sound, as I was distracted by thoughts like my Family and such.

"Ja, Sergeant?" I responded.

"Were you asleep? Or fantasizing about your Wife again?" Asked the Sergeant.

The whole truck burst into laughter as I sat there looking left to right since I didn't have a response.

"Oh Claus, you don't have to be so rough on him!" Someone said.

"Sorry, Leutnant Kauffman." Sergeant Claus apologized.

I looked outside of the truck, the ground was covered in snow, and the wind seemed to be getting rough. I stared into the snow and thought about my Wife to get all the stress from War to get off of my mind. I loved spending time with my wife, we'd dance to the music on the Radio Romantically, and then sit down at the dinner table to eat. All until a few months ago in November, 1944 when I was drafted into the German army to defend the Western front. My Wife still sends me letters so I can know if she's alive or not. Ever since I've hoped that I can see her again someday.

The Truck suddenly stopped, I was startled by the sudden jerk of the truck.

"DISMOUNT!" Shouted an Officer.

We jumped out of the Truck and made a Shoulder to Shoulder line next to our assigned trucks.

"Alright, now you should all know we're being assigned to fight at the frontlines on the Western front. But change of plans, due to our Fuhrer's recent offensive push from the Ardennes, I will be assigning each group to a designated area where you will scout for any suspicious behavior, and setting up traps like Landmines." The Officer explained.

I stood with my group waiting to be assigned. I lifted up my white face shield due to the cold weather.

"Group B!" The Officer said.

We stood at attention, ready for our orders.

"I want you to scout the Ardennes and set up camp somewhere deep in the middle of the Forest. Keep a radio near you, I assigned Group A to set up landmines so watch your step."

"Ja, He'rr!" We shouted, and rushed into the Ardennes.

Chapter 2: Replacement

"Hey, lets set up camp here!" Shouted one of the Soldiers.

He stood between trees that formed a circle from where they stood.

"Perfect!" Kauffman exclaimed.

Two Soldiers grabbed our tent and rushed over to the area to settle down. I stopped scouting the area for a second to sit down and put on my white gloves due to the wind getting colder and rougher.

"Our uniforms perfectly fit the snow, I could barely find you!" Claus walked up to me.

"Hey, is it just me or is this wind getting rougher and colder every second? I can see my breath go through my Face shield." I asked.

"It's Winter so this could be normal behavior." Claus responded.

"Hey! Tent is ready come help me set this stuff up!" Kauffman called us.

"Coming!" Me and Claus shouted back.

I got up and headed over to the site, but I almost tripped on something under me. I backed up to see what I almost tripped on, it was a dead bird with a ripped off wind.

"Ah Scheisse!" I said, looking around.

"What is it Korporal?" Claus turned around.

"Almost tripped on this dead bird, its wing is ripped off." I explained.

"Weird, must have been some sort of predator that managed to catch the bird. It's a bird, birds run from danger anyway, it probably deserved to die." Claus said, and then continued to the site.

I shrugged and continued to the site.

I finished setting up the Radio and walked out of the tent. I sat down on a log that surrounded an unlit campfire to take a rest.

"Hey Korporal!" Shouted Claus.

I looked up and saw Claus walking towards me.

"Ja?" I responded.

"Fantasizing about your Wife again instead of working?" Claus said in a sarcastic tone.

"I set up the Radio already, I just sat down to take a rest. That Radio isn't light you know?" I responded.

"Oh what, baby had a hard time picking up a Radio?" Claus kneel'd, "You're weak huh?"

"Nein, Sergeant!" I backed up a little, "It's just that you were assigned to help me set up the camp, but Nein, you had to go completely ditch your orders so you can go stuff your fat fucking face with the rations that we are supposed to use for supply!" I got up off of the log and faced Claus, "I'm sick and tired of you treating me like a dumbass, and making me the laughing stock of the entire group."

"I cannot believe you Korporal, you disrespect your superior like that? I aught to beat the shit out of you and then make you my god damn slave!" Claus got closer to me.

The sound of gunshot goes off and a bullet lands straight into the snowy ground, almost hitting Claus's foot.

"ENOUGH!" Kauffman put away his pistol.

Me and Claus stood at attention.

"Claus, I distinctively remember ordering you to help Hans set up the site." Kauffman walked up to Claus.

"Leutnant, I did! He's just trying to get me in trouble! And I did most of the work!" Claus explained, giving excuses.

"Oh yeah? because I saw you leaned up against a tree away from the site, eating rations which is OUR SUPPLY!" Kauffman got closer to Claus, "Do you think this is funny, Sergeant? Must I remind you that we are in a fucking War right now, and we are currently on the losing side. People like you are inferior, people like you deserve to die. Now, give me a good reason on why I should give you as second chance instead of putting a piece of led in your fucking brain!" Kauffman threatened Claus.

"OK! OK! I'M SORRY! JUST GIVE ME A SECOND CHANCE, I'LL DO BETTER!" Claus put up his arms, I could hear his voice shaking like he was about to cry.

Kauffman walked up to me, "Congratulations Sergeant!" Kauffman applaud me.

I stood in shock, I felt satisfied, I had finally beat that little brat!

Kauffman put his hand on my shoulder, "You are replacing Claus as my assistant, good luck hans!."

I saluted and walked over to the log to sit back down.

"Pfft, like he can help with anything.." Claus huffed and stormed into the tent.

Chapter 3: Discovery


I woke up to see Kauffman beside me in my tent.

"Wake up, we found something pretty interesting." Kauffman said with an excited voice.

I got up curious on what they found, I put on my equipment and Helmet, and I grabbed my MP-40 and I headed into the Forest with Kauffman. As we walked through the Forest, the area felt eerie and dark, I felt uncomfortable, like as if I were in an Hostile area. We stopped at a giant hole in the middle of the ground, which seemed empty and endless.

"Woah, what the hell?" I gasped.

"That's exactly what we said!" Kauffman replied.

A few Soldiers were scouting the area, trying to find clues for what happened or looking out for enemies. There were no trees around the hole, and it was pitch silent.

"Scheisse, this place is suspicious as hell.." Said one of the Soldiers.

"You tell me, it's dead silent.." Claus said, looking around like something is about to pop out behind us.

A flock of birds started coming out and flew east into the sky.

"Should we report this in?" I asked.

"I'm not very sure, it might not be worth the manpower." Kauffman replied.

Suddenly, gunshots were heard in the distance, and shortly after a scream, it sounded like one of our men. We rushed to the scene, but as we ventured deeper into the forest, we noticed dead squirrels and birds laying on the ground, the more and more we go into the forest the gore gets worse. When we arrived at the scene we found one of our men dead on the floor, his arm was ripped off and his stomach had been ripped open revealing that his organs had been missing.

"Agh, god!" A Soldier turned around and threw up on on the ground from the site of the body.

"Who- what could've done this?" Kauffman kneel'd down to examine the body.

"I've never heard of any animal that can cause this much damage.." I said, rubbing my chin.

"We need to report this in!" Kauffman said, getting up.

We all agreed and rushed back to the camp site. Suddenly we heard a loud screech in the distance of the forest, it was ear piercing, it sounded like an eagle or a hawk and a human scream mixed together.

"What the hell was that?" Claus said, trying not to look behind.

"I have no idea, and I don't want to know, we need to get to the Radio now!" Kauffman said, speeding up.

We began getting faster, barely dodging fallen debris from the trees and body parts from small animals.

Chapter 4: Monsters

"We'll be on our way, please keep calm." The operator hung up.

Kauffman placed the Radio back down, and looked at us, "Alright, be patient, reinforcements are on their way."

We all looked at each other nervously, still puzzled and shocked on what we just saw. We all knew something was wrong, but we didn't know what it was. I looked around outside the tent making sure nothing was outside, it was all just snow. I noticed that the wind started getting heavier, more aggressive like before in the truck, and when I was sitting down on the log earlier.

"SCREEE!" We heard that screech again. We all rushed outside to look for this "Creature". The trees started to shake like something was bouncing off of them.

Kauffman took out his Binoculars to search the woods for the creature, "Hmm, I don't really see anything-" Kauffman stopped himself, "Wait, I see it!" Kauffman pointed to one of the trees.

One of the Soldiers picked up his Sniper and aimed to where Kauffman pointed, and opened fire.

"Missed!" Kauffman shouted.

The Creature let out a loud screech, and crawled to the top of the tree, revealing itself. The Creatures body was black, and its eyes were blood red which struck fear its enemy. Its arms reached the creatures shin, and its legs were lanky. It had sharp claws that came out from its large skinny hands. It's mouth opened and its jaw lengthened, making its mouth seem disjointed, and it let out a ear piercing screech. We stood and stared at the creature, shocked at it's unearthly like body. The creature stared back at us, and then jumped out of the tree and charged us. A Soldier lifted his Gewehr 43 Rifle and opened fire, but was no match to the creature. We sprinted away from the scene, one of the Soldiers stopped and manned the MG42 Machine gun which was stationed on a nearby log. When he opened fire at the Creature, it made a loud screech that sounded like it was in pain, and then we heard two, three, four more screeched in the distance. We heard the screams from another one of our Soldiers as they rip him apart, it was only Me, Claus, and Kauffman now.

Chapter 5: War

We ran through the Forest, breathing heavily, and barely tripping on branches and dead animals.

"Are we still being followed?" Claus asked.

I quickly turned my head around and slowed down, "Clear!" I said, completely stopping

Kauffman and Claus stopped and turned around, we started gasping for air.

"How far did we run?" I asked.

"I have no idea," Kauffman looked from left to right, trying to find something that can give us an idea on where we are, "But I do know that we're lost."

"Great.. Just what we needed.." Claus said, stomping his foot into the snow.

"Didn't Kapitan Fritz say he sent multiple groups in the Ardennes?" I said.

"He did," Kauffman took out his Binoculars, "He said he sent Group A to set down Landmines and traps in the forest, maybe they're still here."

"Hopefully they're still alive." Claus said with a hopeless look in his eyes.

Pow! Ping! We heard a gunshot and then a ping shortly after. We turned around and stared into the woods, Pow! Ping! We heard it again.

Kauffman took out his Binoculars and looked around the area, "Nothing so far," the sound went off again, Kauffman looked left of us which was where the sound came from, "Ah ha, I see it! Americans, they must've reached Luxembourg." Kauffman put away his binoculars and looked at us, "We've got company."

Kauffman ran and crouched behind a Tree, holding his MP-40 tight to his body. Claus jumped down and crawled over and laid behind a tree using the white camouflaged uniform to blend in with the snow, and aimed his Sniper at the squad of Americans. I ran for cover behind a nearby fallen tree. We sat there, listening to the wind whistle through the air, and the faint conversations of the American Soldiers.

"Hey, this place is pretty weird." Said one of the Soldiers.

"Agreed, I keep seeing small dots of blood on the snow." Said another.

"So is the wind, the moment we got near the area the wind started getting aggressive.." Said one of the Soldiers, looking left to right.

"Besides the wind, this place is extremely quiet and eerie." Said one of the Soldiers.

I felt my leg starting to fall asleep and go numb, so I gently readjusted my leg attempting to keep silent. As I set down my foot after quietly moving it, I accidentally put my foot on a twig, which snapped and made a noise.

"Hey did you hear that?" Said one of the Soldiers.

"Yeah I did too, wanna go check it out?" Said another.

"We're in a forest, this place has wildlife, it can be anything." Said a Soldier.

"It's Winter, animals are supposed to be in hibernation." The Soldiers stopped.

"Alright fine, we can go check it out." Sighed the group leader.

I started panicking, and I held my MP-40 tighter, and I adjusted myself for an ambush on the enemy. I heard the footsteps of the Soldiers get closer and closer. Bam! Claus fires his sniper, killing one of the Americans. I jumped up and opened fire on the enemy Soldiers, Kauffman copied me and jumped out of hiding and opened fire. We managed to kill 2 of the Soldiers, the other 2 quickly jumped to cover behind a tree. I lowered back down to cover and reloaded my weapon, keeping my head low as the Soldiers quickly peaked out from cover and fired their weapons. I remembered I had a grenade in my supply bag I had on my back, so I took it out and threw it at a tree one of the Soldiers was hiding in. The grenade hit the ground next to the Soldier, but the Soldier took my grenade and threw it back. I ran out of the area as the grenade landed right in front of me, and I jumped and covered my head barely escaping the explosion. I got up and looked at my leg, it was burned and had been wounded. I ignored the pain and got up to continue fighting.


We heard a faint shout in the distance, it sounded German. Claus, Kauffman, and I ducked quickly and covered out ears, BANG! An explosion went off, and then gunshots followed. After the explosion, we got up to see what happened, trees were knocked over, and a cloud of smoke disappeared from where the enemy Soldiers were. We looked to our left to see the reinforcements we requested a while ago, and a Panther next to them. We cheered as we waved our arms in excitement, we couldn't wait to get out of this hell hole.

We met up with the reinforcements to discuss what happened.

"Hey, we need to get out of here!" Kauffman exclaimed.

"No, we can't." Said one of the Soldiers.

"Why not?" Claus asked.

"This area is about to become the frontlines. The Allies have broken through our offense, and are now pushing us back." The Soldier explained.

We heard an explosion go off in the distance, and then gun shots soon followed.

"They're here, come on we need to help our Soldiers!" Shouted one of the Soldiers.

"Wait, hold on." Kauffman shushed the Soldier.

We listened carefully, and could then hear screeches, the screeches that we heard before from that Creature. Screams of American and German soldiers were heard after.

"Scheisse," Kauffman looked at the Soldiers, "We need to run!"

"What the hell was that noise?" Asked one of the Soldiers.

"Shut up and ru-" Kauffman is interrupted.

"Wha.. What the fuck is that thing?" One of the Soldiers pointed to our left.

We looked to our left to find the creature, staring at us with its glowing, red eyes. The Soldiers opened fire, and the Tank backed up and fired the Machine gun that was being manned by a gunner. We heard engines in the sky getting closer, the creature looked into the sky, and so did we. An Allied bomber soured through the sky, and unleashed multiple bombs in a line.

"GET DOWN!" Kauffman shouted.

We all jumped to cover, the creature let out a loud screech once again. I peaked over to see what the creature was doing, it was backing up like it was afraid. The Creature then let out a faint, small whimper.

BANG! The bombs hit the ground near us, knocking down a bunch of trees, pieces of debris, snow, and dust covered my back, I tightened my hands as I endured the pain of my legs burning, and my ears began to ring even though I was covering my ears.

Chapter 6: Trapped

I opened my eyes, I could barely see, it was all fuzzy and blurry. I lifted my arms to turn my body around, and as I began to regain my senses, I heard screaming, gunshots, and screeches. Once I could fully see again, I saw the creature pick up one of the Soldiers and lifted him into the air by the neck, and then violently shove him into the ground. I could hear his spleen crack, and he coughed up some blood before finally dying. I looked around to see that the tank had been destroyed to the bombs, and the reinforcements had all been killed. I looked to my right to see that the bombers had crashed into the forest, and the fire coming out of the plane spread onto the trees causing a forest fire. I turned my head back to the creature to the sound of another screech, it had lifted Kauffman by his throat and pushed him up against a tree. The Creature took out its claws, and clawed Kauffmans stomach causing him to scream in pain. I sat and watched as the Creature slowly tore into Kauffmans stomach, I couldn't move, I couldn't say anything, I was stiff, solid, I was too afraid to do anything, I was terrified at the sight of this Creature with the atmosphere filled with Fire and smoke.

"Hey dumbass!" Someone shouted in the distance.

The Creature turned around, and let out a loud screech. Bullets flew into the Creature rapidly, and the Creatures tough skin stood no chance to the bullets, and it was pushed back on the tree from the bullets. The Creature let out a cry that sounded like it was in pain, and fell to the ground.

I quickly got up and ran over to Kauffman and checked his pulse, no pulse. I looked at Kauffman to see his eyes wide open, with a look of true horror and pain. I got up and backed away from the body positioned on the tree, holding back the tears. Suddenly a branch above Kauffman that caught on fire broke off the tree and fell onto Kauffmans lifeless body, burning him.

"Hey!" I heard a call from behind me.

I turned around to find Claus, bloody and beaten up, and his uniform torn, limping towards me.

"Luckily the MG-42 on the Panther was still working." Claus held his arm which was broken.

"They're, all dead.." I said, my voice shivering from fear and guilt.

"You're right, we're the only ones still alive." Claus put his hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah? And how is that supposed to make me feel better?" I responded, pushing his hand off my shoulder.

"We have to work together in order to survive," Claus straightened himself up the best he could, "So back up your bags Soldier, it's going to be a bumpy ride."

I looked at Claus in surprise at how he just suddenly changed from hating me to trying to inspire me. My leg began to become weak, and I tripped onto the floor. I looked at my leg, it was bleeding and was swollen.

"I guess I somehow forgot about my wound.." I said, struggling to get up.

Claus reached his hand to help me up.

"Thanks. Hey, why did you become to nice all of the sudden?" I asked.

"I never realized how war can be so intense, and seeing your leader die in front of you can make you feel hopeless," Claus looked behind me to look at Kauffmans burning body, "Do you remember when Kauffman told us that when we are trapped and are in survival situation, the best thing we can do is work together?"

"Yeah, I thought you said that was bogus?" I replied.

"I was stupid, and selfish, that's why I was demoted. So, Sergeant, what's the plan?" Claus asked, trying to form a salute.

Multiple screeches were heard in the distance, sounding like a pack of the Creature. I looked behind me at where the screeches came from to see a flock of birds fly into the sky, away from the area.

"We need to find the other groups, we're going to need more men," I said, going over to where I was formally hiding to pick up my gun.

The entire area we were in was covered with fire, causing the air to be filled with smoke. I reached into my bag on my back to get my gas mask. Claus did the same, and scavenged for a gas mask in one of the dead Soldiers since his was torn.

I put on my gas mask and turned around to look at Claus, "Get ready for war.."

Authors Note

I don't know if this was better or not, but I had fun making it. Okay so tell me what I did good and what I did wrong. This is a remake of my original story, "Kreaturen", which turned out to have a lot of problems with it, like grammatical mistakes, scenes that didn't make sense, and too many questions left unanswered. So I remade it instead of fixing my mistakes because I'm a lazy fuck. But seriously guys tell me if it's good or not. Okay bye.


Ja = Yes, He'rr = Sir, Kapitan = Captain, Korporal = Corporal, Leutenant = Lieutenant, Scheisse = Shit.