Creepypasta Wiki

“It’s been a long day and you’re getting the kids to brush their teeth, but uh oh! Their reflections in the mirror are staring right at you and are up to no good! Those sneaky stalkers must be at it again!”


A mother in her thirties with notable eyebags and messy brown hair gives an exaggerated sigh while rolling her eyes and having her arms in akimbo while her children look in horror as the false reflections screech and growl.

“Introducing Kreep Away!, the only disinfectant spray that keeps the monsters away! Apply a slick shield with a couple of sprays and shield friends, family, and pets all day!”

A quirky zoom in on a now-excited mother showcases the bright blue spray bottle featuring a bold logo with a spectral touch. She eagerly sprays the mirror thrice and as she wipes it down, the doppelgangers are seamlessly replaced with the normal reflections of herself and the kids. The kids turn back, still in the midst of brushing their teeth, and simultaneously give a thumbs up.

“Close shave? The secret lies in our state-of-the-art cleaning formula which is carefully mixed with special holy water that tackles bacteria and other unwanted creepies deep in your glass.”

It cuts to a computer generated representation of the bottle’s miraculous contents, as the digital bottle sprays down another mirror, and gives a near-microscopic view of the liquid traveling along a cross-section of the glass. It then cuts to a man about to resume shaving, who gives the same gratified thumbs up.

“Thanks Kreep Away!.”

Multiple apparitions appear from various glass furnishings, ranging from eerie grinning reflections acting independently in long mirrors to eyeless, fleshy entities of indefinite form showing off multiple rows of serrated teeth, attempting to lunge at helpless people from old monitors.

“Just spray, spray spray, and wipe those creeps away!”

The same horrific creatures are repelled by the blueberry-scented solution, and their distorted dimensions are effortlessly erased by sponges and rags alike. It then cuts to a midwestern father sporting a large cowboy hat, hugging his three children on a couch with a big smile on his face.

“It’s a lifesaver I tell you what.”

“Order now and receive a second bottle of Kreep Away! for the price of one! Just pay shipping and handling. Call 1-800-555-5555 or visit Be sure to ask about our Super Spiral Shine toilet bowl cleaner and other amazing products.”