It's been 12 years since my sister died. Leilah was a good sister. She didn't deserve it.

12 years ago, while we were playing hide and seek, Leilah disappeared. The cops were called but they couldn't find anything. It was like she just vanished. She returned after a few days out of nowhere. Mom and Dad were overjoyed to see her but I wasn't. I was happy to know she was back safe but something felt wrong.

After her return, she didn't speak or eat. She always had this blank expression on her face, like she was completely broken. Mom and Dad tried to talk to her many times but nothing helped. She was taken to a psychiatrist but it didn't help either. I didn't speak or go near her. She was acting strange and I was scared of her.

After a week of hearing my mom cry Leilah wasn't speaking to anyone, I decided to talk to her that evening. I knocked on her door quietly but she didn't say anything. I slowly opened the door and peeked inside. She was sitting in the darkest corner of her room. The window was open, the curtains swaying in the wind. The light was off in the room and there were papers scattered all over the ground. '12 days' scribbled in all of them.

Her room was very messy. Did she do it? Did Mom and Dad not clean her room? Suddenly, the temperature dropped. I was scared but I mustered up my courage and entered the room. It was really cold so I went to close the window. "So, how are you doing, sis?" I asked but she didn't say anything. She just sat on the floor, facing the wall. "It's a nice evening, don't you think?" Still, no reply. It was starting to get awkward and I felt like leaving the room. 

'No, I should stay. She's my sister. i should try to help her.' is what I thought. Even though my mind was screaming 'Danger! Run!' I stayed. I decided to clean her room for her. I crouched down on the ground and started picking up the scattered papers. '12 days, 12 days, 12 days' was all that's written in every one of those paper. "Do you like the number 12? It's a.. nice number.." I said, awkwardly. I was trying to start a conversation from anything I could find. I had never felt so uncomfortable to talk to my own sister.

'tap tap tap'

I turned to look at my sister. She started tapping the wall. I felt chills run down my body. I had this strong urge to run out of my room and call for help, but I didn't. I turned back to the floor and continued picking up the papers. "You know it would be nice if you would talk to us again. When you disappeared I was really scared. I thought you abandoned me in the woods but when I came back home, they said you never came. Mom and Dad were very worried. Mom didn't sleep or eat because of how worried she wa-"

I stopped talking. Underneath all those papers with '12 days' scribbled on it, there was another paper with 'Larry' written on it. "Larry?" I whispered. "Hey sis, who's Lar..ry? When I turned towards her, she was standing right next to me. The windows slammed open all of a sudden. The curtains fluttered in the wind. I could see her properly in the moonlight now. My heart stopped beating and I could feel myself turning pale.

Her face and body was pale and thin, large bags under her eyes. Her messy, black hair covered her horrible pale face. Her figure was extremely thin, like she was made of just skin and bones. Her white night gown made her look ever creepier. She looked like a walking corpse. But what scared me the most was the pair of scissors she was holding.

I immediately stood up and started running for the door. She grabbed m by the hair and pulled me back. She raised the scissors high. She was mumbling something "He'll kill me. He'll kill me. He'll kill me. He'll kill me. He'll kill me. He'll kill me. He'll kill me. He'll kill me." I let out a high pitched scream, hoping my parents would come and save me before I get hurt.

As if the universe heard my plea, my parents came running inside and pulled Leilah off me. She started screaming "He'll kill me! He'll kill me! He'll kill me!" I don't know what happened after that. Maybe I passed out or something. The next day, I woke up in a hospital. Leilah was sent to an asylum. I had to take therapy for the next 3 years. I heard Leilah passed away 5 days after. They never found the cause of her death but I am glad she's gone. She can't hurt anyone anymore, moreover she's out of her own misery.

I was still curious about who Larry was and what did it have to do with her? I found out, just a week ago. I don't remember what happened but my co-workers said that I had disappeared for a few days. I just appeared at work out of nowhere. It's uncomfortable to hear everyone around you talk about how you disappeared and reappeared out of nowhere. Fortunately, I had a good relation with my boss so he didn't fire me thinking I was pranking them like everyone else.

I was questioned by the police and everyone else. My family was worried about me. Some people started being nice to me and some just started ignoring me like I was some sort of weirdo. I have to admit, I feel weird about all this as well. How could I have disappeared and not remember about what happened to me? If this is exactly what happened to Leilah all those years ago then why am I still sane? I mean I don't mind but...I feel uncomfortable and scared now. What really scares me though, are the nightmares I started having after that.

A nightmare about a guy who wears a yellow jacket and has a shoulder length, rainbow colored hair. His face is painted white and he wears a red lipstick. His mouth is huge and has pointy teeth. He has large eyes but small light blue pupils. "Larry's giving you 12 days." He repeats over and over again. That name 'Larry'. That name has haunted me ever since my sister passed away. 

"Larry's giving you 11 days."

"Larry's giving you 10 days."

"Larry's giving you 9 days."

He repeats this in. Every. Single. Dream. If my suspicion's correct then he's counting down the number of days I have left to live. This all feels so weird, like it straight up come out of a horror movie. I don't know what to make of it. If it's true I don't know what I should do. Should I tell someone? Even if I do, will they believe me? Why am I still sane? What did he do to Leilah? What did he do to me? Who is he?

I feel scared, threatened but at the same time, I don't believe it. It might just be a nightmare. Maybe I just have amnesia, schizophrenia, some sort of sleep disorder. I have an appointment with Dr. Lawrence tomorrow. He'll help me, I'm sure. Last night, in my dream, Larry appeared again. He said...

"Larry's giving you 6 days."

Written by Unfortunateluck77
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