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You are in a place, where the darkness ensues and the temperature doesn't exist; alone in a featureless void that stretches out as far as you can see in all directions. There's just you, gasping for more oxygen into your lungs, acquiring it just enough to keep you moving forward in this large, cold and lightless place.

You suddenly notice something very odd looking, but still rather intriguing mutilated shape in the horizon. It seems to stir just a little bit, but just enough to be noticeable from far from here. What is that? You carefully begin to approach it, still wondering what it is.

You face the object you saw earlier, and you discover it being made of a some kind of organic matter. It's slowly twisting around, making it sure for you it's actually alive. Somehow, you feel a strange temptation to touch it.

Surprisingly, it felt rather warm, but soft and pleasingly smooth. You touched it again. The warmth switches places for a millisecond, and that makes you want to constantly poke it just because you feel so safe and accepted for it's reactions.

You quickly checked your surroundings and it was still empty as like before. You couldn't resist it; you rushed at it and caught it into a strong, loving grip of yours.

In an instant you notice to be moving towards a light, which seem to brighten faster and faster every second. Sudden explosion of light and pain occurs, you feel like dying. You try to do at least something, but as you try to move, the pain gets stronger and you want to stop it. You try it again, and stopped it again as like the first time. It was no use, you were just torturing yourself by trying to get away.

The next thing you saw was a massive pair of eyes staring at you.

Lights, the sharp white pain and the great living being staring at you - were you on front of the gates of Heaven? Was the being that gazed on you... God?

A deathly squeeze surrounded around your body and your eyes felt like popping out of your sockets. The blood packed up into the very ends of your body and you began to feel very cold. The world started to shake, and as an instant the pain encaged into the point you felt like passing out. The blood began to bleed out from your body, and you suffered more than you ever imagined.

Sudden nudge to the right, and you finally blacked out.

Don't you get it?

You were a freaking fish.

Written by Bandage
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