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Last light by blueviolette-d5ql7d7

Most people believe that light was a gift from the angels, the wands of the seraphs, the hero that swooped down from the heavens when they were trapped in deep, black tunnels. But light is darker than that. Much darker...

Let me tell you of the time fear was defined as the unknowing, the fear that creeps up on you like a shiver when you couldn't define the horror hidden in the shadows. You could make up a picture in your mind of whatever is coming after you. It's horrifying to finally know what is chasing you, to confirm your worst fears that this monster was going to kill you at that very second.

Light comes in here as a demon's weapon, to shine itself on your pursuer. So you can examine its gruesome face, so you would know your killer, before you would die at its hands. It's much better to die without knowing who killed you, than knowing what did. If you want to die peacefully, anyway...

No one knows what light really is. Waving your hand through it makes it more mysterious. It's just there, to lighten your home or to give you heat during cold times. But it really is a messenger of the devil, to reveal your own death, in the disguise of comfort and safety.

To use such thing, do so at your own risk. The devil may be coming for you now.