2012-10-01 13.08.15

I don't even know why I'm writing this. I really don't. It might not even be anything to worry about, just a simple prank, but it still scared the shit out of me.

I've been sitting here on the computer for a few hours now. I tend to do that after school. Anyway, after hitting the Random Page button, here on Creepypasta a few times, my playlist blaring "mood" music, (Children of Bodom, Emilie Autumn, etc.), I decided I was pretty much done being online for the night. As I was getting ready to hit the little red X in the top corner of my browser, my phone vibrated. It was a message from my friend, Macie.

"Can you hear me?" it read.

"'Can you hear me?' What's that supposed to mean?" I thought, not knowing how to react. I was puzzled; I couldn't hear anything, but my music was blasting. That chilled me. Maybe, I should be hearing something, but I couldn't because of the music. I shook that thought right away. She was probably just being weird again.

As I went to put my phone away, it vibrated again. Another message from another friend, but with the same words.

"Can you hear me?"

"Is this some kind of joke?" I text them back.

"Can you hear me?" replied another.

"Can you hear me?" another.

"Can you hear me?"

"Can you hear me?"

"Can you hear me?"

"Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Can you hear me?"

My phone was nearly vibrating off the desk. Something about this chilled me to the bone. What's going on?

"I HEAR YOU!!!" is what I sent them all.

I wanted it to stop, and oddly enough, the messages did. As for what I should be hearing, I'm still not sure. I'm still sitting at my desk with my music blaring. If I turn it off, I might hear them...

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