Pure EvilPure FearPurgatory
Purity FallsPurple LilacPut Yourself into the Story
Putrid LovePuzzlesPvt. Metz
PyroQuantum SuicideQuarantine
Queen's BayQueen City Public LibraryQueen Justine and the Cutest Little Shing
QuestionQuietQuiet Laughter
Quiet but LoudQuiltmakersQuite Contrary
R.G. JournalRIP, FusionRabbits in the Creek
Racing in the DarkRadRadiator's Miscommunication
Radio HeadsRadio MusicRadio Silence
RageRage - The InfectionRaging Red
RagsRags' WishRain
Rain Will Surely FallRainbow FactoryRainbows
RaincoatRainy NightRaisins
Rally-XRamblings of a CorpseRandom Access Memory
Random TumorsRap RatRappaccini's Daughter
RaspRasper BookRasping
Rasputin's ShadowRat BiteRatman
RatsRattle of BonesRaven
Raven RangerRaw Head and Bloody BonesRaw Latex
Raw MeatRay - The Razor - Part 4Razor's Edge
Razor MouthRazor SharpRe-Twin
ReLiveReachReach Into Your Pocket
Reaching PlutoRead Me a StoryRead This Backwards
Reading MemoryReal-Life GlitchReal?
Real DollsReal Live GlitchReality
Reality's EdgeReality CheckReality Exist
Reality ParadigmReality of NightmaresReality of the Faceless
Reaper: Horrors of the BattlefieldReaping of the SwineRear Window
ReasonReasonsReasons to Drink Coffee
Reawakened MemoriesReawoken FearsRebirth
Rebirth of a GuardianReboundReception
ReclamationRecord GroovesRecorder
RecurrenceRecurringRed - Red Riding Hood Story
Red ButterfliesRed ChristmasRed Construction Paper
Red Dog EnterprisesRed DoorsRed Dress
Red EggsRed Eyed WraithRed Fantasy
Red HandsRed HarvestRed Helen
Red ManRed MoonRed Nails
Red PaintRed Pumpkin PizzaRed Room
Red RoseRed Rover, Red RoverRed Shadows
Red ShoesRed Sky DawnRed Tag
Red WaterRed with WhiteRedacted
RedefineRedemptionRedemption from the Man in Black
RediznaRedoReduced Visibility
Reflection DischargeReflection ManReflection and Mirrors
Reflection of MeReflection with a Mind of Its OwnReflections
Reflections on MonstrosityReflections​ Are Funny ThingsReflective Thinking
ReflectorRegarding GeorgieRegression
RegretRegretsRegrets in a Spaceship
Rejoice!Religion of the 21st CenturyReluctant Killers
Rembrand's MillRemediesRemedying the Grudge
RememberRemember MeRemember Me?
Remember the ReaperRememberedRemembering
Remembering the Carnival of Lost SoulsReminder of DeathReoccurring Nightmare
Reoccurring NightmaresRepeatRepeat-1
RepentanceRepercussions of EvilRepetitive Dreams
Report 1: Meredith Koenig—InsectsRepressedRepression
RepriseResemblance of PhotosResolutions
Resort ConnectionRespawnResplendent Files (No. 1)
Resplendent Files (No. 2)Resplendent Files (No. 3)Resplendent Files (No. 4)
Resplendent Files (No. 5)RestRest Awhile
Rest StopRest Stop 99Restlessness
ReturnReturn of LiuanneReturn to Pennsylvania
Return to SenderReunionReunion with the Angel of Death
RevelationRevelation of SecretsRevenge Is a PaperMask
Reverie of MineReverse PTSDReversed
RevolvingRewinded MindRhiannon
Rhudaurion's: The Butcher's NurseryRhys and MeinirRichard Pryor
Riddle Me ThisRight Above MeRight Behind You
Right Through MeRileyRima
Rime of the Ancient MarinerRing, Ring, Don't Answer Your PhoneRiot Revenge
Ripped from UsenetRiseRise of the Sun
Rising WatersRitual for Everlasting BeautyRitual for the Deaf
Ritual to Experience the "Other Side"River's EndRoach Motel
RoadRoad KillRoad Rage
Road to RevelationRoadkillRoadrunner
Roadside AttractionRoadworkRoan's Nightmare
RoanokeRoarRoast Beef
Roasted TurkeyRobando de los MuertosRobert the Doll
RoboRock Paper ScissorsRocking Motion
Roger Malvin's BurialRokuro-KubiRole Playing Games
Roll-CallRomanian Knowledge ExperimentRonald McDonald House
Roof PaintingRoomRoom 101
Room 107Room 11Room 115
Room 119Room 133Room 1C
Room 201Room 205Room 250
Room 308Room 37B - Act 1Room 733
Room in the TowerRootsRope
RoraRose Hill PlaceRose Red
Roses Don’t Belong on a Ford MustangRotRotten Cave
Rotting AwayRotting BrainsRoulette
Round One - The Old OneRoute 27Routine
Ruins of Alph: Embedded Images and StrangenessRuins of an Urban JungleRule
Rules of the OrchardRum Runners of Eight Mile RoadRumpelstiltskin
Run, Escape, and I Will Find YouRun-A-WayRun My Sweet Little Child
Run for Their LivesRunawaysRunning Out of Tombstones
Runs in the FamilyRuss's MarketRussian Amaranth
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