RaisinsRally-XRamblings of a Corpse
Random Access MemoryRandom TumorsRap Rat
Rappaccini's DaughterRaspRasper Book
RaspingRasputin's ShadowRat Bite
RatmanRatsRattle of Bones
RavenRaven RangerRaw Head and Bloody Bones
Raw LatexRaw MeatRay - The Razor - Part 4
Razor's EdgeRazor MouthRazor Sharp
Reach Into Your PocketReaching PlutoRead Me a Story
Read This BackwardsReading MemoryReal-Life Glitch
Real?Real DollsReal Live Glitch
RealityReality's EdgeReality Check
Reality ExistReality ParadigmReality of Nightmares
Reality of the FacelessReaper: Horrors of the BattlefieldReaping of the Swine
Rear WindowReasonReasons
Reasons to Drink CoffeeReawakened MemoriesReawoken Fears
RebirthRebirth of a GuardianRebound
ReceptionReclamationRecord Grooves
Red - Red Riding Hood StoryRed ButterfliesRed Christmas
Red Construction PaperRed Dog EnterprisesRed Doors
Red DressRed EggsRed Eyed Wraith
Red FantasyRed HandsRed Harvest
Red HelenRed ManRed Moon
Red NailsRed PaintRed Pumpkin Pizza
Red RoomRed RoseRed Rover, Red Rover
Red ShadowsRed ShoesRed Sky Dawn
Red TagRed WaterRed with White
Redemption from the Man in BlackRediznaRedo
Reduced VisibilityReficuLfOtseN.comReflect
ReflectionReflection DischargeReflection Man
Reflection and MirrorsReflection of MeReflection with a Mind of Its Own
ReflectionsReflections on MonstrosityReflections​ Are Funny Things
Reflective ThinkingReflectorRegarding Georgie
Regrets in a SpaceshipRejoice!Religion of the 21st Century
Reluctant KillersRembrand's MillRemedies
Remedying the GrudgeRememberRemember Me
Remember Me?Remember the ReaperRemembered
RememberingRemembering the Carnival of Lost SoulsReminder of Death
Reoccurring NightmareReoccurring NightmaresRepeat
RepentanceRepercussions of EvilRepetitive Dreams
Report 1: Meredith Koenig—InsectsRepressedRepression
RepriseRequiem for Morning StarResemblance of Photos
ResolutionsResort ConnectionRespawn
Resplendent Files (No. 1)Resplendent Files (No. 2)Resplendent Files (No. 3)
Resplendent Files (No. 4)Resplendent Files (No. 5)Rest
Rest AwhileRest StopRest Stop 99
RetributorsReturnReturn of Liuanne
Return to PennsylvaniaReturn to SenderReunion
Reunion with the Angel of DeathRevelationRevelation of Secrets
Revenge Is a PaperMaskReverie of MineReverse PTSD
RevolutionRevolvingRewinded Mind
RhiannonRhudaurion's: The Butcher's NurseryRhys and Meinir
Richard PryorRiddle Me ThisRight Above Me
Right Behind YouRight Through MeRiley
RimaRime of the Ancient MarinerRing, Ring, Don't Answer Your Phone
Riot RevengeRipped from UsenetRise
Rise of the SunRising WatersRitual Gone Wrong
Ritual for Everlasting BeautyRitual to Experience the "Other Side"River's End
Roach MotelRoadRoad Kill
Road RageRoad to RevelationRoadkill
RoadrunnerRoadside AttractionRoadwork
Roan's NightmareRoanokeRoar
Roast BeefRoasted TurkeyRobando de los Muertos
Robert the DollRoboRock Paper Scissors
Rocking MotionRoger Malvin's BurialRokuro-Kubi
Role Playing GamesRoll-CallRomanian Knowledge Experiment
Ronald McDonald HouseRoof PaintingRoom
Room 101Room 107Room 11
Room 115Room 119Room 133
Room 1CRoom 201Room 205
Room 250Room 308Room 37B - Act 1
Room 733Room in the TowerRoots
RopeRoraRose Hill Place
Rose RedRoses Don’t Belong on a Ford MustangRot
Rotten CaveRotting AwayRotting Brains
RouletteRound One - The Old OneRoute 27
RuinRuins of Alph: Embedded Images and StrangenessRuins of an Urban Jungle
RuleRules of the OrchardRum Runners of Eight Mile Road
RumpelstiltskinRun, Escape, and I Will Find YouRun-A-Way
Run My Sweet Little ChildRun for Their LivesRunaways
Running Out of TombstonesRunning with ScissorsRuns in the Family
Russ's MarketRussian AmaranthRust
RustedRutRyan Roe
S.O.S ChainS.P.D.S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Horror of Chernobyl
SaccadesSaccadic MaskingSacrifice
Sacrifice to Malachy LockeSadieSafe
Safe Deposit BoxSafe PassageSafety First
Saint Lilac's CathedralSaint TinaSally's Pebble
SaltSalt Creek RoadSaltlick
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