That Old German HouseThat One SongThat One Time...
That Only a MotherThat RingingThat Room up the Stairs
That Strange SongThat Thing in the AtticThat Tinder Date You Were Warned About
That UrgeThat Warm SensationThat Was Just Your Life
That Wasn't HimThat Which Is BlindThat Which Watches
That WomanThat Wretched GrinThat with Yellow Eyes
The "Giver" ExperimentThe "I Love You" MurdersThe 'Aliso' Tape
The .GIFThe 3:00 AM MythThe 3rd Floor
The 4th FloorThe 6thThe 6th Sense
The 911 Call of Phoebe BaxterThe Abalone ThiefThe Abandoned Convenience Store
The Abandoned Farm FieldThe Abandoned Old HouseThe Abandoned Railway
The Abandoned TelevisionThe Abandoned Train StationThe Abattoir Concerto
The Aberdeen MonsterThe Abomination ManThe Abominations of Yondo
The Absence of ConflictThe Absence of SoundThe Abstract Man
The AccidentThe AccuserThe Acid Trip
The ActorThe AddictionThe Advent Calendar
The Aesthetic OnesThe Affair at Coulter'sThe Afflicted
The AforementionedThe African PreacherThe Afterlife Can Be an Unusual Place
The Afterlife Can Be an Unusual Place IIThe AgencyThe Agents of Fear
The Airborne GiftThe AkhThe Alchemist
The Aldercott WomanThe Alderfield Stadium DisasterThe Alford, Massachusetts Mystery
The Algae is Always GreenerThe AlgorithmThe Alice Killings
The AlienThe Alien DollThe All-New Improved Universal Beverage and Snack Machine
The Alley's VoiceThe AlleywayThe Almond Tree
The AlpThe AlphaThe Alternate Universe
The Alternate Universe: CollapseThe Amnesia TapesThe Amundsen-Scott Incident
The Ana DollThe Ancient Lodge of the All-SeersThe Andre File
The Angel and the LilyThe Angel in My RoomThe Angel of Industry
The Angel of the OddThe Angel on My ShoulderThe Angelica Incident
The AngelsThe Angry GodThe Anguished Man
The AnswerThe ApartmentThe Apex
The Apocalypse FliesThe Apoplexy MirageThe Apparition - Nursery
The ApplicantThe ApprenticeThe Arcade
The ArchitectThe ArchiveThe Arkansas Sleep Experiments
The ArrogantThe ArsonistThe Art of Claywork Is Dead
The Art of Jacob EmoryThe Art of SufferingThe Artificial City
The ArtistThe AshThe Assignation
The AsylumThe AtticThe Attic in the Basement
The Australian "Mayday" IncidentThe AutopsyThe Awakening Shot
The Baby's RoomThe Baby BoyThe Baby Gate
The Baby JarThe Baby MonitorThe Babydoll Killings
The BackhouseThe BackroomsThe Backwater Gospel
The Bagpipe TuneThe Bald ManThe Baleful Book in Brompton
The Ballad of JaneThe Ballad of LonlinessThe Balloon
The Balloon-HoaxThe Banzai PipelineThe Baptism
The BargainThe Baron's MonologueThe Barrier
The Baseball BoyThe Baseball PlayerThe Basement on Old Slaughterhouse Hill Road
The Basilisk QueenThe Bathroom MirrorThe Battery Room
The BattleThe Battle GroundsThe Beach
The Beach HouseThe Beaches of NormandyThe Beachwalker
The BeastThe Beast From BelowThe Beast in the Cave
The Beast in the ForestThe Beast in the NightThe Beast of Averoigne
The Beast of Bramston DrainThe Beast of GenovThe Beast of Kerama Retto
The Beast of the DamThe Beast with Five FingersThe Beast with the Glowing Red Eyes
The Beasts That Plague MeThe Beautiful GirlThe Beautiful Pendant
The Beauty 1962The Beckoning PathwayThe Bed of Light
The Bedroom on the Second FloorThe Bedtime StoryThe Beggar
The Beginning, As Well As the EndThe BeguilerThe Being
The Being in the LibraryThe BellThe Bell Chimed
The Bell WitchThe BellsThe Bermuda Triangle
The Best Friend I Never KnewThe Bet That Cost a LifetimeThe Beta
The Bible ManThe Big Bad WolfThe Big D
The Big Head-OThe Binding MaskThe Bird
The Bird-ManThe Bird CageThe Bird Man
The Bird and the HikerThe Bird of DarknessThe Birth-Mark
The Birthday SongThe Bitteroot FootageThe Black
The Black Abbot of PuthuumThe Black Bird Faced QueenThe Black Cat
The Black DogThe Black Door: A Tale of Personal PhobiaThe Black Fog
The Black FoxThe Black Friday IncidentThe Black Keys
The Black KittenThe Black Lady of Bradley WoodsThe Black Lady of Brin Tor
The Black LakeThe Black Paths of SheolThe Black Quill
The Black SoulsThe Black StoneThe Black Stone (Robert E. Howard)
The Black Tabby CatThe Black WidowThe Black Widow Curse
The Black Wind HowlsThe Black and White SlideThe Black and White Village
The Blackbird of ChernobylThe Blackened LandThe Blackout
The Blame Lies Not With MeThe Blank FaceThe Blank Page
The Blank RevoltThe Blessed WellThe Blinded Dominatrix
The BlindenkralleThe BloatThe Blood Canvas
The Blood FoxThe Blood KeeperThe Blood Mirror
The Bloodbath KillerThe Bloodstained WillowThe Bloody Glutton Bakery
The Blue-Faced BabyThe Blue BlanketThe Blue Butterfly
The Blue EyeThe Blue HouseThe Blue Lady
The Blue Light EffectThe Blue ManThe Blue Marble
The Blue MenThe Blue PillsThe Blue Scarlet Chess Set
The Blue TruckThe Blur EyesThe Board
The Boarded WindowThe Boarding HouseThe Boatman
The Bodies in the WoodsThe Body BagThe Body under the Bed
The BoilerThe Bone DryerThe Bones
The Bonnie DeadThe BoogeymanThe Book
The Book of KnowledgeThe Book of NamesThe Bookshop
The BoothThe BottleThe Bounty Hunter
The BowmenThe Bowser and King Boo TheoryThe Box
The Box ManThe Box in the BasementThe Boxer
The BoyThe Boy Who BecameThe Boy Who Could Fly
The Boy Who Cried SheepThe Boy Who Loved to ReadThe Boy Who Was
The Boy in Man's ClothingThe Boy of the Blue WoodThe Boy with No Birthday
The Boy with the Golden ShoelacesThe BoyfriendThe Bread Box
The Bread of My BodyThe Breathing Roads, the Thirsty RoadsThe Breathing Walls
The Bride's MonologueThe Bride of the SeaThe Bridge of Ends
The Broken FaceThe Bronze ImageThe Brood
The Brooding StarThe BrotherhoodThe Bubble Brother's Happy-Happy Funhouse
The Bug SquadThe Buildings on Moor LaneThe Bum's Countdown
The Bunny Man BridgeThe BunnymanThe Bunnyman's Curse
The BurdenThe BurialThe Burning Cold
The Burning ManThe BusThe Bus Ritual
The Bus Stop Just Opposite of My HouseThe Business of DeathThe Butcher across the Street
The Butcher and His WifeThe Butchering of Sweet Fanny AdamsThe Butchers' Curse
The Butterfly EffectThe Butterfly PalaceThe Buzz
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