The Bubble Brother's Happy-Happy FunhouseThe Bug SquadThe Buildings on Moor Lane
The Bum's CountdownThe Bunny Man BridgeThe Bunnyman
The Bunnyman's CurseThe BurdenThe Burial
The Burning ColdThe Burning ManThe Bus
The Bus RitualThe Bus Stop Just Opposite of My HouseThe Business of Death
The Butcher across the StreetThe Butcher and His WifeThe Butchering of Sweet Fanny Adams
The Butchers' CurseThe Butterfly EffectThe Butterfly Palace
The BuzzThe Buzz (Part 2)The Buzzing
The Buzzing Sound of Devil StreetThe BwystfelThe CD-ROM
The CRT HumThe CabThe Cabal
The CabinThe Cabin with the Red LightThe Cage
The CagesThe Cairn on the HeadlandThe Call of Cthulhu
The Call of the RevenantThe CamcorderThe Camel's Back
The Camera I FoundThe Camp in the White MountainsThe Campsite
The CanariesThe Candles of ShelburneThe Candlewent
The Cannibalism in the CarsThe Canto ResidenceThe Captivator
The CarThe Cardboard HouseThe Carnival of Lights
The CarollerThe CarriageThe Carver
The Case of Charles Dexter WardThe Case of Edward Charleston WickmanThe Case of Martina Gomez
The Case of Stitch (Part 1)The Case of Stitch (Part 2)The Case of Stitch (Part 3)
The Case of Stitch (Part 4)The Case of Stitch (Part 5)The Case of Stitch (Part 6)
The Case of Stitch (Part 7)The Case of Toll Number TwoThe Case of Tommy Cooper
The Cask of AmontilladoThe Casting of ShadowsThe Castle of Otranto
The CatThe Cat's EyesThe Cat Knows It
The Cat LadyThe Cat in the AtticThe Cat in the Hat Strikes Back
The CataclysmThe CatalystThe Catch
The Cats of Juniper ValleyThe Cats of UltharThe Cause of the Crash
The CaveThe Cave: Meeting MyselfThe Caves
The Cell Phone GameThe CellarThe Cellar Door
The Cellar of Dario ParrisThe Cellphone TowerThe Cement Man
The CemeteryThe Cemetery's SolemnityThe Centrifuge
The ChainsThe ChairThe Challenge from Beyond
The ChangeThe Changing RoomThe Changing of the Colours
The ChannelThe Chanting in the WoodsThe Chapel in the Woods
The ChaplainThe CharlatanThe Charnel House
The ChatroomThe Chernobyl EvolutionThe Chernobyl Experiment
The ChestThe Chicken WranglerThe Child
The Child's ShadowThe Child Who Loved a GraveThe Child of Pestilence
The ChildrenThe Children's ShowThe Children Entry 2
The Children Found a FlowerThe Children KnewThe Children Upstairs
The Children Who Never SleepThe Children of Woodharrow ParkThe Children of the Night
The Chimera ProjectThe Chimney ManThe Chinatown Well
The ChiselThe ChoiceThe Choice Game
The Choice in the FieldsThe Choice in the MountainsThe Choir
The ChokerThe ChooserThe Choosing
The Chosen JournalsThe Chosen OneThe Christmas Krampus
The Christmas Krampus IIThe Christmas TreeThe Church Cellar
The Church in the WoodsThe Cicada ProjectThe Cinis Vanisher
The CityThe City HouseThe City from the Depths
The City in the SeaThe City of OrgansThe Clash of Demons
The ClassThe Classified AdThe Cleaner
The ClearingThe Cleric of MadnessThe Clicker
The CliffThe Climb Out of HellThe Clinic
The Cloaked FiguresThe Clock CharmThe Clock Strikes Midnight
The Clockwork ProjectThe Closest EnemyThe Closet Behind the Wall
The Closet CreatureThe Closet Maintenance ManThe Closet of Clowns
The Clown, the Paint, and the TurbinesThe Clown, the Paint and the CircusThe Club
The Coffee HouseThe Coffin MakerThe Coin Gift
The Coin and the ClockThe ColdThe Cold Heart Of Sunshine
The Cold OneThe Cold One and the CEOThe Cold Shoulder
The Cold Stream MonasteryThe Cold TestamentThe Coliseum
The CollectionThe CollectorThe Colloquy of Monos and Una
The Color WhiteThe Color of InsanityThe Colorado Seven
The Colors of InsanityThe ColosseumThe Colour Out of Space
The ComaThe Comfy and Cozy CabinThe Comic
The CompanionThe Concept of EliminationThe Conclusion
The Conclusion of LifeThe Condition of CuriosityThe Condo
The ConductorThe ConglomerateThe Conqueror Worm
The Containment VoidThe ContortionistThe Conversation of Eiros and Charmion
The Copiapo Mining IncidentThe CopyThe Copy Machine
The CopymanThe CoranduryThe Corn Maze
The CornerThe Cornfield CollectorThe Coroner's Report
The CorpseThe Correctional SocietyThe Corridors
The Cosmic DestroyerThe CostumeThe Cotton Field
The CouchThe Council of BensinThe Country Road
The Couple in the SnowThe Court of the Crimson KingThe Courthouse Figure
The Cove Below the Yellow HouseThe CoversThe Cracker
The CradleThe Craft of KillingThe Craigslist Job Gone Wrong
The CrashThe Crawling ChaosThe Crawling House on Black Pond Road
The CrawlspaceThe CrayonsThe Creak of the Door
The Creation of ManThe Creativity SongThe Creature's Prey
The Creature OutsideThe Creature at the WindowThe Creature in My Corner
The Creature in Your MindThe Creature in the MeteoriteThe Creep
The CreepingThe Creeping BarrageThe Creeping Horror
The Creeping MangeThe Cremation of Sam McGeeThe Criars
The Crocodile CultThe Crooked BoxThe Cropping of Life
The CrossingThe Crow Caws at MidnightThe Crow Girl
The Crow and the GolferThe Cruel SisterThe Crying Boy
The Crying WomanThe Cuckoo ConundrumThe Cult
The CureThe Cure for FearThe Curious Case of Cold Tom
The Curious Case of Marianne ReynoldsThe Curious Case of Marie CreaseyThe Curious Case of Rupert
The Curious Tale of the Pale SilhouetteThe Curse and the BlessingThe Curse of Kaupe
The Curse of Meir Link's HillThe Curse of Oak IslandThe Curse of Yig
The Curse of the NinthThe CycleThe Cyclist
The Dagger and the CordsThe Damned ThingThe Dance of the Dead
The Dance of the Wicked BladeThe Dancer of the NightThe Dangling Dead
The DareThe DarkThe Dark Age
The Dark BreathesThe Dark CornerThe Dark Dawn
The Dark Energy WithinThe Dark FloodThe Dark Forest
The Dark Hides AnythingThe Dark PeopleThe Dark Visitor
The Darkened FigureThe Darkest HourThe Darkest Shadow
The Darkest WorldThe DarknessThe Darkness Is Coming
The Darkness WithinThe Darkness of DesireThe Darkness of the Forest
The DateThe Dating Website ExperienceThe Daughters of Death
The Davenport DemonThe Dawn Is Your EnemyThe Day Alice Died
The Day DreamThe Day I Heard the NoiseThe Day That You Died
The Day The Rain Fell RedThe Day in the FieldThe Day of the Smiling Stone
The Day the Cats Left MontgoeryThe Days of Scarlet Flow
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