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This is a recall from Parker's Children's Hospital, New York, U.S.A. Rewritten by Unknown.


A young mother and her eight year old daughter came into the hospital room, with her daughter’s hands covered in bandages, which had little patches of red, presumably of the girl’s blood. The mother was looking everywhere in the room but her daughter. She was tapping her long nails against her knees, desperate to get a nurse to help.

A nurse very quickly notices the bloody bandages and came up to the mother.

“Ma’am, is your daughter ok?”

The woman jumped, surprised to see the nurse standing there. She swished her head around, looking distraught.

“No, if she was then why would we be here?!” The woman snapped quickly. The woman clearly had rushed to get there.

“Ma’am, calm down, come, we’re here to help.” The nurse replied calmly, signally for them to follow.

The mother rushed through the hospital, holding her daughter’s arm, trying to keep her hand as far away from her’s. The daughter however, had a blank expression, like nothing was wrong. It was like she was sedated by something.

After walking to the check up room, the nurse sets the girl down and asks the woman a few questions.

"So ma'am, what happened to your daughter?" The nurse asked, looking at the girl's now red bandaged hands.

"Well, a few hours ago my daughter was playing in her room, like normal. But... I came in to check on her and she said her nails hurt," The woman said, looking at the floor, "And I thought that was because her nails were long, so I cut them and left, because she said I could go. But, I came back... and.... she..." The woman trailed off. The mother tried talking, but failed to get her words out.

"Ok, we can take off the bandages and figure out what to do, ok?"

The woman only gave a small squeak as a response.

The nurse nodded. He undid the bandages, and instantly looked horrified. The girls hands were heavily bleeding and it appeared something had ripped her nails off.

"What?! When I bandaged them, only half of the nail was gone!" The mother looked pale, like she was about to faint.

The nurse looked disturbed and quickly put some fresh bandages on the wounds to slow the bleeding as he looked for some antiseptic gel. He quickly grabbed the gel and put it on the first wound.

As soon as the gel touched the exposed flesh, a loud screech filled the room, echoing down the halls. But, it wasn't coming from the girl, or the mum. It was coming from her hand. The girl's hand started twitching and twisting into unnatural positions. The nurse quickly called for help as he accidentally knocked the rest of the bottle onto the rest of her hand. The girl's hand started moving like a spider around the table, making a screech so loud that the nurse's ears started ringing.

A few more nurses ran in due to the sound and saw the nurse pinning the hand down, which was now so strong he had to use his whole weight to keep it down. One nurse ran off to find a sedate. She quickly returned with a needle and jabbed it in the girl's arm. The girl completely passed out, while her hand only slowed down.

The mother was on the floor hyperventilating. The woman was quickly escorted away while the girl was taken to an examination room where a surgeon and doctor looked over her.

The doctor was looking in horror at the x-ray they took of her hand.

"It seems there is a second set of bones over her own bones..." The doctor said slowly, looking at the twitching hand, which was bleeding uncontrollably no matter what they did.

The surgeon and doctor concluded the only way this girl could live normally was to get the supposed second bone set out of her.


After being heavily monitored for the night while the surgery team prepared for the experimental surgery, the girl was ready for surgery. After strapping down her hand to the table, they notice long pointy bits of bone were sticking out of where her nails should of been.

As the surgeon made the first incision into her flesh, her hand twitched a little. He quickly pulled up his scalpel, a few drops of blood dripping onto the floor. Nervous, the surgeon started cutting around the second set of bones, the bones bent up, twisting around the surgeon's wrist, snapping it. The young surgeon who got his wrist snapped fell to his knees, holding his limb wrist, dropping the scalpel. The surgeons backed away as a horrifying sight occurred before them. The long pointy bones ripped open the girl's hand and climbed out like a spider, twitching madly. It was covered in blood and flesh, leaving a red puddle around where it first climbed out. The other monster crawled out the girl's other hand and started crawling up the walls and into the vents.

People started looking for the two monsters, but found no trace of them. No trail of blood. No claw marks. Nothing. It seemed they just disappeared.

It has been many years since this incident. The girl, who got both her broken hands amputated, lives alone with her wife somewhere in Europe, away from her past trauma, even after years of therapy. And the two monsters were never found and no one was ever seen with a similar case. No one knows where those things went, or what they were to this day. But... one thing is crystal clear. They are still out there, searching....