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A mirror is an object that can show us: what do we look like, what our characteristics are, and lastly what have we become. It is a mystery how a mirror can do this.

The question is not these, it is what do you see. Most people can see light, joy, and pleasure in their lives, other people see money, fame, and power, while a small group of people, can see death, hatred, and darkness in their lives.

You cannot escape death no matter hard you try. All light, joy pleasure and any worldly things will vanish if you die, to be replaced by death, hatred, and darkness. It is better to think of yourself as dead than think of yourself in a place full of joy knowing that place will just fade away.

Many people take death as an option, is it really an option, or it is just written in your fate? Many people think that death is just a way to escape from their problems, the truth is it is not. Death is here in this world. It is not an escape, it is an inevitable fate .

You may ask why is it inevitable? Or why is it not an escape? Well, death is a rabid animal being fed by hatred, sadness, loneliness, and many other emotions, you may think even the happy emotions? Yes, even that.

Yes, sad emotions fill death more than happy ones. But death also eat happy emotions, can't you see that? Of course, no, but to wake you up here's an example: You are living a happy life not knowing death is currently eating, fulfilling its hunger in your emotions, then alas it is full, what happens next? You die a painful, horrifying death, by sickness, accident, or old age. You may see death acting on these examples. You can have sickness or get into an accident by playing, enjoying, and having "fun". Old age is caused by living a long life which is caused by happiness to be with loved ones or enjoying one's life. You may also ask what about sad emotions don't they bring death? Yes, they bring death, but in a quick, painless way.

When death is eating there surely is someone feeding it. When death is eating sad emotions, there is no doubt Depression is feeding it, while when it eats happy emotions what is feeding it? Tiredness is surely feeding it. Being tired of too much playing, drinking, and partying leads to death right? These two feeding death can be referred to as "Little monsters in your Little Mind".

Depression, what is depression to be exact? It is the tear behind your smile, the pain behind your laugh, the fear behind your brave stance. It is called many names, but one fits it: Pain. While tiredness is just being tired of life, depression is deeper. This is enough for now. Here's the last advice: Look into the mirror and tell me what you see.