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You are alone in an empty space. You try to walk forward. But you can't. You try to walk backward. But you can't. You try to walk to your left or your right. You guessed it, but you can't. You can't move at all. It's as if you're being held back by an invisible force. A small overhead light illuminates the area, revealing it to be a space of nothingness. A chair materializes in front of you. It's seen better days, as shown by the torn leather. You're forced to sit down and a television, or at you think it's a television, turns on. Small, white dots form above your head. But you don't know this. All you can see is the television and the chair. A lamp turns on, illuminating the area even more.

It comforts you. It makes you feel safe in an otherwise probably hostile world. You realize that you can't blink anymore. A series of dots fill the television screen. A soft, soothing voice fills the room.

"Look at the stars. They are the gateway to yourself."

Paintings fill the "walls" and a wooden floor materializes under you. A fireplace, rug, and a rifle mounted above said fireplace also appear. It's as if the place wants you to be comfortable. To not worry about what's to come. You can blink once more, but then you can't. Your head turns to a corner of the room, where a coatrack forms. A black trench coat and a fedora rest loosely on it.

"You are never truly alone. They're always watching."

The rest of the area fills with windows, curtains, tables, chairs, and a single door. It's a cabin. An old one by the looks of it. A loud ringing noise fills the room, and then silence. A man materializes in the middle of the room. He tries to speak to you, but all you hear is the sound of that voice.

"They do not care about you. None of them..."

He falls down and several white dots explode from his back. The stars. You have but no choice to look at them. This time, however, it's not through a TV screen. It's in person. They're so beautiful. So full of light.

"...but they do."

You can finally stand up. You pick one of the stars up and the room disappears. Nothingness fills the area once again. Two pictures fall from the "sky". It's a picture of your wife and your son. You pick both up, only for you to lose control once more.

"Look at the stars. They will guide you..."

A gun now rests in the palm of your hand. You're no longer in a dark, empty space, but instead a bathroom. Your bathroom. A small bottle of pills rests beside you, several stars drawn on the bottle. You walk out of the bathroom and into your son's room. He's sleeping, not caring about the world around him. You load your gun and, within a moment, a loud bang fills the air. Nothingness once more. You have full control once more, but you can't see more than a few feet ahead of you. You walk forwards and find a door, you open it and your wife stands there. BANG.

A loud thud follows the bang. No more darkness. You sit down on your couch and open your mouth, speaking for the first time.

"...but they will not save you."