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Introduction Unfortunately, I cannot share my identity. My name, my location, my face, nothing. If I do, I fear i'll be in even more danger than I am currently in. So, think of me anyway you want, but I gotta share this before I run out of time.

This all stared on...

September 19th, 2020

I was moving out of my parents house and moving into my very own apartment. I was pretty excited, because this meant I would no longer be told how to, or WHAT to do. It was about 10:00am, and I was in my car, driving to the apartment. When I got there, the apartment building was HUGE. So I had a hard time finding my room. But eventually, I found my apartment door. And I started putting things into my apartment. But before that, I connected to the WIFI in the building. Immediately, I got a text. I did not check who it was from, so I set my phone on the table and started unloading. After finishing, I invited my friend over, who will not be named. After texting him, I looked at the text I got. "Alex" was the guys name. I did not know a Alex, so, how did he get my contact? Probably a prank. Seems like the most obvious conclusion. So I clicked on the message.

Alex: Hey. Wanna come play?

I was confused. What did that even mean? I was a bit scared now. I just blocked Alex and put the phone away. Who was this guy? I needed to find out. But I don't know how. It got sent when I connected to WIFI so, maybe that will help me. I sat on the couch, trying to forget what just happened. About 30 minutes later, my friend came. We both liked the new apartment. It was still pretty early. So we had time to do things together. He mentioned the WIFI and I helped connect. Not even 5 seconds later, he asked me: "Who's Alex?" This made my heart skip a beat. I said I got a message from someone named Alex as well. He did not believe me. "Are you messing with me?" I showed him the message. That's when HE got scared. "But that doesn't answer the questions. If its not you, who's Alex?" I did not say a word. I did not know either. I told him it's probably a prank caller, like I said before. "L-look, I gotta go." My friend ran out the door. He just got here. Why did he have to go that quick? I thought he was just freaked out and could not handle it. And nothing else happened that day. But tommorow would be disaster, and I did not even know it.

September 20th, 2020

I drove my car to my friends house that day. When I got there, the person who answered the door was his Dad. His parents and I were close, so they let me come in. Normally, he would come running down. But he did not. I asked what was going on, and where he was. His mom said he went to bed last night, and the next day he was gone. Oh crap. I immediately went into overdriven panic. His dad told me not to worry, they have the police involved in the situation. And everything would be fine. At this point, I could not calm down. That's when I remembered Alex. Did this have something to do with him? I mean, it all makes sense. He left way to early, he got the text, and then he is nowhere to be found. I stood there for a second. I told them I'd come back later. Then I left. I had to do something, but what? I had no info about Alex. The only way I could is if I got in a chat with Alex. If this is what I have to do, I will. Once I got to the apartment, I unblocked Alex. And immediately, I got a text.

Below is the text log bettwen us.

  • Alex: Hello again.
  • You: I know you did something to him. Tell. Me.
  • Alex: Come play. :)
  • You: Don't "come play" me. TELL ME WHERE HE IS.
  • Alex: Your no fun. Just come and play. :(
  • You: Are you serious? Your not funny, Alex. Just tell me where my friend is.
  • Alex: :)))))))))))
  • You: Seriously, stop sending bracket faces and spill it.
  • Alex: 153 Enchanted Valley Dr

Vader, Washington(WA), 98593

This is what I needed. I did not block him. I just got in my car, and drove to the address. It was not very far from the apartment building. This may seem like a dumb move, but I have to. Once I got there, the place was not shady or scary at all. So I went inside, conveniently, the door was unlocked. I went in and used the flashlight on my phone. But that was when I saw this monstrosity. AE7970FB-1229-4055-81F1-2716D2A1B008.png

I ran into the closet and he did not see me. I've been in here for 30 minutes, and who knows when he will find me. Good thing I got this out. Alex is out there, so be careful. Goodbye...

Thanks for reading this creepypasta! I hope you enjoyed! Some lore and explanations will be in a future post, so stay tuned! Goodbye!

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