A gust of smoke billowed from the man’s mouth, a burning cigarette held in his hands, and his body sitting on the stoop on the side of a building.

He quit a long time ago, didn’t want to die of lung cancer and all that, but if he was already dead? Why not pick it back up again?

So here he was, sitting on a stoop of a random building, chain-smoking his problems away and trying not to bite through his cigarettes.

He held the cigarette up to his mouth and breathed in, at least now that he was alone again he could use his name again.

Alex. Alex Alex Alex. Nice name. Rolled off the tongue.

It wasn't like he didn't like the group he found himself in at times, just, it got kinda annoying being known as the ‘New Guy’ and only being called that.

He breathed out, and the smoke followed. It left a lingering burning feel, not too dissimilar to alcohol. But it didn’t fuzz his mind like the same liquid did.

Just.. kept him focused. Kept him on the chain of thought he was on.

Like coming to terms with being dead. Being dead and still being forced to dance. Being dead and feeling a hunger that he couldn’t squash damnit-

He flicked the cigarette and brought it up to his mouth. He looked like a goddamn mess. Sitting on the stoop of a building, looking past the alleyway across the road, and into the club at the end of it.

...He used to own it, ya know? It used to be his. He ruled over a small chunk of the town. Protecting the girls and boys that worked in his club, not often a club has both dancers, and scaring any person that wanted to touch his girls away. They were always targeted. Sometimes they didn’t listen though. Sometimes he had to bring out his bat.

...There were a lot of bodies buried in the club's basement. How else did he manage to keep his area his?

He worked on his club, his town for years. Then one of his boys fell sick. And he stepped in for him.

A bullet through his head was his payment.

At least it didn’t hit through the side of his head. He worked hard on keeping his hair nice and tidy. The half-shaved look didn’t make that easy.

His hands shook as he lifted the cigarette again.

He was still hungry.

A smoke-filled breath exited his mouth as the corners tilted down. He was done. Done sitting around. Done watching his club go on without him.

He was just done.

If he could, he would off himself, but he couldn’t. He was already dead. Already stuck in a limbo of his town.

Already stuck in Hell.

His cigarette fell from his hands, and his boot stepped onto it as he stood up.

He was dead. His club out of his reach, and out of his protection.

...Goddamnit, he was done with this. Done done done.

He needed a distraction. He needed to stop sulking, he needed to stop staring at his club.

His jaw clicked shut as he started to walk.

He needed to do something to distract himself.

Sex never did anything for him, he always did it to help others, or as payment.

...He could do that again, take someone to a hotel room, and forget about everything in the haze of helping someone else feel good.

It’s better than nothing.

His eyes turned up from the cold sidewalk and he started to glance around at the few bodies around him and the road.

He needed to find someone, someone feeling horrible and trying to forget about their life.


It didn’t take too long to find someone, and with how late it was it wasn’t too surprising.

Hell, it took longer to convince the drunk man that he didn’t have to pay for it. Just that Alex wanted to do it to help him. Out of the kindness of his own heart.

None the less, the two found themselves in the closest motel, pulling their lips together as they tore off clothing and fell onto the bed.

Limbs entwined, Alex pulled himself up, and he pushed the man down below him, pinning him there as he looked at the man. Brown eyes looking black in the low light, and brown hair looking like shadows as it curled around his shoulders.

Alex grinned as he stretched his arms out, pinning the man’s arms out and across the king-sized bed.

The ghost, memory, whatever he was, dipped down and pulled the man into a deeper kiss, only to pull away after a moment to trail kisses down the sides of the man’s face and down to his neck.

Alex released the man’s arms as his hands reached down, moving slightly out of the way as he tugged the man’s boxers off, the only piece of clothing the man was wearing.

He started to whisper sweet words, telling the man that fell into the thrall of alcohol that he didn’t have to do anything, that Alex would take care of everything that night.

They both smiled in the darkened room, but then, then the man didn’t listen.

He reached up, wrapped his arm around Alex’s shoulder, and the other started to wander.

Alex’s teeth immediately grazed against the man’s neck, and the man gasped slightly.

Alex’s own hands started to wander as he lifted his mouth from the man’s neck long enough to whisper, “Careful diamond, this isn’t about me.”

The man just chuckled, and his hand continued to explore Alex’s ass, thighs, and-

The entity's eyes shimmered red in the low light. His soft kisses stopped and he held his mouth even closer to the man’s neck. “I said, this isn’t about me. Slow down, Diamond.”

With each word, his teeth lightly grazed against the man’s neck.

The half-drunk man just chuckled again and continued.

“I said- this isn’t about me.” With the final word, his jaw instinctively slammed shut, but instead of air being between his teeth, the man’s skin was.

The surprised yelp forced the two apart, but Alex’s teeth didn’t yield, forcing the skin to stretch, then tear, the chunk of flesh forced a small flood of blood onto Alex’s tongue, and the coppery taste flipped something.

The man still under Alex tried to jerk off of the bed, away from the weird man that just bit his neck wide open, but two rock-solid arms suddenly slammed into him, forcing his arms back down onto the bed and his head to face up towards Alex.

The man immediately froze, his neck bleeding, the man stared up at the red-eyed entity. A hole buried deep into his forehead, and both dead and live blood dripping down his face.

“Diamond,” He purred, “Just relax, this won’t hurt~”

The man opened his mouth to scream, and Alex’s head slammed down onto the man’s neck. His jaw opening wide to dig into the hard muscles, and his teeth easily tearing through the stretchy skin surrounding said delicious meat.

The man’s scream turned into a gurgle as Alex tore his head back, and a much larger chunk of flesh with it.

Alex, the entity just slowly chewed as the man’s thrashing slowly ceased.

Blood flowed both down his chin, and his throat, easing the hunger that he’s been feeling for days.

Alex just smiled. His earlier worries forgotten, and his teeth covered in blood. He’s got a full meal, and he was still very hungry.

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