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"This beast was no coincidence or random figure of the occult mists and mysteries, nor was it a creature of any physical resemblance to the mythical descriptions of any Filipino folkloric traditions. No, this was a creature of the deeper and darker earth. Not accessible to those who didn’t believe and was the penalty of sin to those who did. To call it ‘creature’ was to insult its rank. More fitting to its impish peerage would be ‘marquis’; it was a marquis of hell.

And it has today made its debut, its first liminal entry unto this world from the depths of a damnation so long ago feared and so recently forgotten. A creature that no human that has lived before could have possibly witnessed and survived this Marquis to write tales of and warn future generations of it.

Fear the Prima Donna of the Satanic Lullaby that sings the Devil to sleep at the end of the world, Lviv’Syibi, the demonic operetta, the composer marquis- the Nightingale over Hell."

The composer marquis; one of the apparent peerages to hell that evaded the eyes of the unknown author who wrote down and documented each demonic account in the Lesser Key of Solomon. It may have been for the best interest of humanity that the demon was never documented, for the composer marquis only sings when the prince of hell is docile and does so to maintain this docility, at least, that is what the very few who know about it think they know.

In reality, the composer marquis sings its song for an entirely different reason. Its voice can be heard throughout the world; a thin, whining static. Through the black and white snow that fuzzes through the ancient vision portal lie the lyrics of a song so old, a melody so intoxicating and tune so primal that we have all forgotten it by now. Like listening to a song for a set amount of time, we often grow tired of it, forget the lyrics or the tune entirely. It comes to the point where one has to increase the volume in order to be reabsorbed.

Such as the case of the Marquis' song. The whining and melody has thinned out and the marquis sings louder to reach us all, her ever-growing audience. The WOW signal, the deep-sea BLOOP, the Colossi of Memnon, the Upsweep and the Hum recordings and other indiscernible sounds of the far and deep beyond, all efforts of the Marquis to magnify her song.

But as the melody rings longer, this once silent lullaby might soon defeat its purpose of lulling the prince to sleep. Let us all sit and listen to her song, for our sake. We don't want her to strain her vocal chords and coincidentally awake something far worse.

Written by BrotherIssachar
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