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June 6th, 1944[]

Greetings. This is my first journal entry, so I might as well introduce myself. I'm Private William Dion, I am an American soldier in the 1st Infantry Division. I'm writing so when I go back home my mom has something to read. Today, we're invading Normandy. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared right now. Even though today is a bright, sunny day, it's going to be bloody.

June 9th, 1944[]

I didn't want to write about what happened on the 6th. I was terrified. I still am. The second those landing craft doors opened, everyone in it died. Sergeant Adrian told us to go overboard. I almost drowned in the water, luckily Adrian was there and pulled me up onto the sand. We managed to storm the beach and clear the bunkers. We set up a small camp about 5 miles away from the beach. We got a call from HQ on the radio, they said we have to move into the city. Last night I had a major nightmare that shot me right out of bed. We keep getting heavy fogs. I don't know how much longer I can take these nightmares. Tomorrow we're moving to the town. HQ says there's an abandoned German camp at a church in the town square, says we can move there.

June 27th, 1944[]

We managed to get to the church, but it wasn't abandoned. There were a few Germans there that set up shop. Lucky for us, they had a ton of supplies. We unfortunately lost 2 men. Its just me, Adrian, Doc, and 3 other guys. In the back of the church we found a dead German infested with maggots. They ruined him, we could see bone. I almost threw up while disposing him. We put all the dead Germans in a crater hole outside, so we wouldn't catch whatever they had. The crater is at least 50-60 feet away from the church, so I think we're safe.

July 1st, 1944[]

Something weird happened to those Germans in the crater. All of them were gone. The only thing that was left was a pit of maggots. The smell was terrible. I brought up my concerns with Adrian, and he told me its nothing to worry about, they're just bugs. Despite that, I'm still worried.

July 3rd, 1944[]

Tomorrow's the 4th of July, can't wait. Adrian said we can't celebrate it though. All the commotion might bring some unwanted attention. I suppose that makes sense, we wouldn't be able to hold off a German attack. We got a call from HQ on the radio again. They said that reinforcements are coming, and that we should prepare to attack a field of enemy AA guns. The whole day we did exercises, and cleaned our weapons. We all found maggots clogging them up. I knew Adrian was getting suspicious about the large number of these bugs.

July 4th, 1944[]

Today was fun. We cleared out that field and got some more guys at the church, and a lot of more supplies. We even got a guy to burn all those maggots in the pit. About damn time. But we keep finding them in the church. HQ says they'll find us a new spot once we clear more territory. The church has been turned into a rest stop and a recon outpost. A guy turned the bell tower into a sniper tower, so now we have added security. We've even replaced those old sandbags with new ones with barbed wire. We found maggots in the sandbags too. I don't know what, but this church has something more going on.

July 7th, 1944[]

We hit the jackpot! While moving storage around and fixing the building, we found a small hole under a floorboard with battle plans, even a German radio. The radio was broken, thankfully we have some guys that can fix it. Adrian said once we get it working we'll be able to move out of this damned place.

July 20th, 1944[]

Sad news. Those maggots got Doc. Carved right through his chest into his heart. He was guarding outside when they got him. Maggots aren't supposed to move that fast. On the bright side, we got the radio working. Though it's all in German, so we can't understand it.

July 21st, 1944[]

We finally got the order to move into an apartment building 2 miles south of here. Once we manage to put all the crates and building supplies onto some trucks, we're good to go. Can't wait to get out of here.

July 25th, 1944[]

Oh, god. Maggots everywhere. They hid in the fucking crates and waited for the perfect moment. We were putting crates in the trucks and one fell. It was filled to the brim with those bugs and completely demolished everyone. Adrian grabbed a flamethrower and tried burning them, but they just powered through the flames and turned Adrian into a rotting, burning corpse. I grabbed my rifle and ran away with another guy. We grabbed as much food as we could. I don't think people at the church made it. We're in an attic right now. Thank goodness he grabbed a lamp, or else we would be in the dark for the rest of the night.

July 26th, 1944. My last moments[]

This is it. We didn't check the cans and those bugs were in them. They got the guy first. I can feel them in my skin, chewing through my body. Whoever finds this book, return it to my mother. Goodbye.