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Such a precious child. I can’t believe he’s mine. Everything about him is perfect.

I watch his little chest rise and fall with each breath. I hear the light gurgling of baby snores. That he’s always been such a good sleeper is just one of the things I’m thankful for.

Watching this child grow up has been my greatest joy. And to think---I was at my lowest when he came. I had no purpose, no happiness. And now, this boy---this precious little boy---is my everything.

It’s so hard to believe he’s three now. Time flies so fast.

He’s so adorable, I can hardly stand it. Maybe I can reach in and touch those soft cheeks without waking him. Slowly, I dip my hand toward that perfect face. I’m an inch away….

A sound rises to my ears. It’s a poor match for the peace of this nursery. What could it be? A voice? Someone… moaning?

My spine tingles. No, I think to myself. It can’t be.

But it is. The sound comes again. It’s louder this time, and closer.


It says his name. It’s coming for him!

I’m suddenly angry, spurred into action. I pull the door open.

She’s there. Pulling herself along the floor like a snake with arms. She’s a person, but barely resembles one, with one eye missing and blood obscuring half of her face. The trail of dark stains on the hallway carpet behind her shows me just how far she’s managed to pull herself on broken and unnaturally bent arms. She hisses and coughs and sputters under the effort.

I thought I’d finished this.

I meet her where she is. “He is mine now,” I remind her, through gritted teeth. “And he is sleeping, you selfish bitch!”

A thunderous stomp to the woman’s neck ends the hissing. For a moment, the house is silent once again.

And then I hear it. The staccato, Morse code fussing that strings together into a full-on wail. My heart sinks.

“Mama!” he calls out. “Mama!”

“Don’t worry, Davey, honey,” I say, wiping the corpse’s blood from my shoe onto a fresh patch of carpet. “Mama’s coming!”

Written by Jdeschene
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