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You see them everywhere.

They're bankers, lawyers, and teachers. They're even in the military. Don't be wary. If they wished you harm, you would have known by now.

They're here merely to live and live as one of us, as humans. Yet, if you look carefully at the way they talk, the way they walk, and how they greet each other—you can see through their masks.

At first, they seem like normal people, then they move in strange ways.

Soon, you can see them for the terrifying creatures they are.

However, don't point out that you can see them. Never do this.

They will go into hiding and change their masks, becoming harder and harder to find. It isn't us that they fear, but each other.

They cannot see through each other's masks, but no one has told them this. They hide for weeks, months, even years—under the same mask. They continue adopting human lives, changing them to age every day. They act as if they do not live forever, even though some were there for the rise of Rome, and watched it fall.

Some of them help us, while others attack us. They are our guardians and our destroyers. They are as versatile as us, and that is why they should never be trusted.

After all of these years of blending in, some of them have forgotten that they wear their masks. They have become "human." But we know. Oh, we know. This is why I have to restrain you here.

Because you have forgotten who you are.

You have become human. I will help you remove your mask and join us again. Together we can bring our old world here, to become something we never had dreamed before! But you know all of this, do you not? Because why else would you be here, if you were not one of us?