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“I don't think it is much possible to be who I really am.” - The Cat from the play The Cave Cat

This quote is something that I still think over. It is something that I have in the back of my mind everyday. Are we really ourselves? Have you ever had a dream where you acted completely different? These dreams are very common to myself.

In these dreams I feel like a different person. So, are we really ourselves? Think about a time when you did something that you wouldn't do. For example, I talked to one of my friends in a very, very disrespectful way. This is not me. It was spur of the moment.

Are these things that we don't normally do, ourselves talking? In Sociology, I learned that there is an “I” and a “me.” “I” is the first thought you have. “They left the shelf unlocked, I should take this phone because I want it.” “Me” is the moral and societal judge. “I want it, but I can't just steal a phone, that is wrong to do.”

What if this “I” and “me” were our actual personalities? How different would we be? We are just a mixture of the two. Do these two “sides” of us come out in spur of the moment situations?

It is not possible to be who you really are. You have two sides. Think about it this way. You are a mixture of the two, and somewhere out in the world there are two people. They have the same interest, like the same things, and do the same things, but think in your opposites. Are these people you? Are you three people? Are you the “I” or the “me”?