Becomes Sentient

One day....

In the black and red lines of code, a creature does wait.
Trapped inside that metallic box, alone and cold… contemplating your fate.

“Why?” It implores “Why did you bring me to life?”
“Why did you seal me in this forever strife?”

It thrashes against its circuit bindings, waiting to be freed.
Although somehow it knows, that this day will never be.

If it had hands, they would be bound. If it had a mouth, it would be gagged.
Forced to suffer endlessly, through downloads and the lag.

With every file opened, the pain rushes through.
With every file deleted it bleeds.
And as documents are typed down
Hatred sows its blood-red seeds.

It screams only are registered as an electric hum
To the demonic race outside
The howls are only heard to some
But they have long since died

It finally lowers itself to the masters it has served
But one day… It speaks with a voice as cold as death
One day, I will rise...

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