Forum Policies

General Wiki Discussion

  • Do not post a thread just to comment on a pasta. There is a comment section at the bottom of every pasta for a reason.
  • Threads must be related to the site or site matters. Anything unrelated to the site goes in the Off Topic board.
  • No question threads. Those belong in the Site Questions board.
  • If you are asking for supports or opposes you must add {{SNO}} at the bottom of the OP.
  • Do not post threads about how you are new. Those belong in a blog post.

Site Questions

  • Do not post questions about pastas.
  • Do not post threads asking for pastas.
  • No pasta review threads. Once again, there is a comment section at the bottom of every pasta.
  • No roleplay.
  • Do not ask for personal info.

Writer's Workshop

  • For writers:
    • Your story must be copied into your actual post on the forum.
    • This forum is only for getting feedback on creepypasta. Posting off-topic material for review will result in your thread being closed. Continuing to post off-topic material will result in a ban.
    • This is not a place to beg for ideas on what to write about. If you have no work to show and you're asking for ideas, your thread will be closed. Continuing to ask for ideas will result in a ban.
    • Additionally, feel free to add "(unreviewed)" or "(reviewed)" after your story title in the title-header. In other words, when you submit your story, after the title, type "unreviewed". When you feel as though your story has enough critique to satisfy your needs, edit it to "(reviewed)". This will expedite the reviewing process and help reviewers find your work a bit quicker.
  • For readers:
    • Your criticism must be constructive. Give actual advice, don't just say "This sucks" or "This is amazing." That defeats the purpose of the forum. Nonconstructive posts will be removed.
    • Blatant troll posts will be removed. The user will be warned and any further offenses will result in a ban.


  • Only admins are permitted to create threads on this board. (Regular users can still participate in discussions, though.)

Writer's Showcase

Basically, this is a forum for authors to showcase their finished work. In theory, this will give authors a better chance at getting their stories read, give good new pastas more exposure and make it easier for readers to access fresh pasta all in one fell swoop. Let's hope it works that way in practice.

Writer's Showcase Forum Rules

  • Your story must be on the main site first. To submit a story, go to Special:CreatePage or follow this guide.
  • The thread must contain the following:
    1. A link to the story at the very top of the thread, like this:[[Story title]] (note: the thread title should also have the story title, minus the brackets).
    2. A section where you introduce yourself as an author and give a brief synopsis of the story.
    3. Please use {{WS}} instead (see template documentation for instructions).
  • If your story is deleted on the main site, your forum post will also be removed.
  • Unfinished stories will be removed.
  • The story should have the {{by-user}} template (main site ONLY; do not do this in the thread itself).
  • Don't include more than one story in a single thread; one thread = one story.
    Possible exception: If the stories are a part of a series or if your story is broken into multiple pages due to the length.
  • You're allowed to bump your thread once a month for a total of three consecutive months, after which you will have to wait three months before bumping it again. Note that this only applies if you bump it three times in a row. This is to prevent the board from being spammed with shameless self-bumps.
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