It mimics your worst fear... It's always watching you, your every move. It won't strike until you're at your STRONGEST point. Not at your weakest, oh no, too easy to destroy kill... It loves to see you try. It hates weaklings but adores the strongest that think they got the wits to survive. Always over-confident, thinking that they're able to surpass any challenge. Oh it loves a challenge from the strongest. Wanting to watch you at their limit and then breaking down, in their knees, begging for mercy.

It exactly mimics your fears, using your own arrogance to drag you in as bait. Watching you chase it around, thinking that you'll be able to catch up to it, overcome your biggest fear. Wanting to show others that you're not scared from anything, that you can overcome anything in your path, having that sense of pride can be very deadly. Not just for you but for everyone else also.

It also creates a melody in which you'll only be able to hear at the time of your breaking point. It's the depressing melody of a violin that you'll hear once in your life. And that one time you'll ever hear it will be at your breaking point, when you're on your knees, breaking down. Begging for mercy to live, to do anything to survive. It really has no true form, it will reveal to you as the one person that you loved the most. The one that you have liked all your life. While the melody is being heard, it will change into that person, it will make you look into its eyes. Which then you'll see your brightest future. It will crush you down emotionally because you know that this is the end for you.

It loves it when you're begging for mercy, crying at its shadow. Wanting to obtain another change, pleading that you'll change, but it knows that you won't change. Pride can be a very deadly thing, having that small sense of pride can kill you.

It will look at your eyes one last time after you have seen your future. You will then start to feel dizzy. Everything around will start to become a daze. You now know that your life is being drained from you at this moment you can't do anything. You'll wake in a dark room with only one object in front of you, a mirror. In which you'll see your own body but you're not in control, something else is. That something else is in your body now, it will hurt those that you love.

It will destroy them in any way it can. Their happiness will be drained from them. You'll spend the rest of your years watching someone else in your body destroying those that you love. Ruining their lives as you watch, not being able to do anything about it. The rest of your years will be spent in that dark room, as you watch, all while the same melody you have heard is repeating....


The sense of pride can be deadly, fear overruns it.
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