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There is a video on YouTube named Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv. If you search this, you will find a video of a man staring intently at you, expressionless, then grinning for the last two seconds. The background is undefined.

This is only part of the actual video.

The full video lasts two minutes, and was removed by YouTube after 153 people who viewed it gouged out their eyes and mailed them to YouTube’s main office in San Bruno. Said people had also committed suicide in various ways. It is not yet known how they managed to mail their eyes after gouging them out. The cryptic inscription they each carved into their forearms has not yet been deciphered, either.

YouTube will periodically put up the first 20 seconds of the video to quell suspicions, so that people will not go looking for the real thing and upload it. The video itself was only viewed by one actual YouTube staff member, who began screaming 45 seconds in. This man is now under constant sedation, apparently unable to recall what he saw. Other people who were in the same room as him at the time, who eventually turned off the video, say that all they heard of it was a high-pitched drilling sound. None of them dared to look at the screen.

The person who uploaded the video was never found, the IP address being non-existent. The man in the video has never been identified.


There are several versions of the Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv video circulating the web. They may cause some people to feel strange, but nothing bad will come from watching one.

Original author unknown

Originally uploaded on August 8th, 2010