An artists depiction of Meshuga.

Meshuga is a North American folklore legend that tells the vicious tale of a monstrous serial killer with a disfigured face that used to haunt the woods of California, before they eventually migrated into Texas. Over the years, Meshuga has been given many different names, such as California's Boogeyman, and El Caraazada, a name that was given to him by the Spanish people. The name derives from the Spanish words cara destrozada, which translates to Mangled face. Hundreds of unfortunate people have fallen victim to this monster, and studies have shown that he has a recorded body count of over 175. He has been wanted by the F.B.I. for 7 years, and made his debut back in 2014 when a horribly mutilated body of a young woman in her 30’s was discovered lying in the middle of the woods. From that point on, cases of brutal murders have been reported nonstop for years. The F.B.I. have tried to hunt down this ominous murderer, however no amount of evidence or clues could ever lead the F.B.I. to his potential capture. All they ever got were witnesses claiming they have seen a tall man with a distorted face wandering around the area of the incident.


Meshuga is claimed to be at least 6’9 feet tall, making him a fairly large person. He is described to have a very strong build with broad shoulders.

An analysis of Meshuga's appearance.

He wears a black hoodie, black military pants with four pockets, a red shirt, and black combat boots. However, the one thing that sticks out most about this man is his unnerving facial features. His face is said to look completely mangled, bearing scars, scabs, and blisters all around his face, exposing his flesh from underneath his skin. A small portion of their nose is missing, leaving only the bone part of it to hang. He also appears to have no lips at all, as if they were either burnt or ripped off, leaving him with extreme lacerations all around his mouth, completely exposing his ugly yellow teeth. It is sometimes said that this entity has no pupils, but many claims disagree on this fact, claiming that Meshuga does indeed have pupils. No one knows what kind of horrible mishap Meshuga might’ve gone through to look so disturbing, but many have theorized that it probably has something to do with fire, due to the apparent burnt marks surrounding his blisters and flesh. Some people believe that they were set on fire by a previous victim when they tried to defend themselves against him. Others believe that this was caused by mere self infliction. Unfortunately, no records can trace back Meshuga’s real identity. No birth certificates, no relatives, not even blood that can be used for a blood test. All in all, Meshuga remains a mysterious figure with no history or origin story, as if they suddenly manifested in thin air.

Powers and Abilities

Very little is known about the capabilities of Meshuga, to some he may just be some enlarged psychopathic murderer who just steps up on your doorstep and pulls you in with their vise grip and slit your life away from your neck. But there is so much more we have yet to discover about this unholy beast. There was story about a man who encountered Meshuga outside of their house, and just as they were about to get struck down by Meshuga's axe, they pulled out a shovel and wedged it in between Meshuga's forehead with great force. The shovel went about half way through Meshuga's head, and it actually got stuck. The man reported him to the police and told them everything. When they searched for a body, to their belief, they found nothing. The man was taken in for an interview, and they said "I lodged that damn thing so far into his skull! He should've been a fucking dead man!" The next day, the man was found murdered outside of his house. This could only mean that Meshuga survived the blow to the head and is still up and about to this day. The very fact that Meshuga survived this deathly hit would only mean that he has enhanced durability, or even regeneration. He also appears to have enhanced strength, given that he has shown many feats of strength like bursting through a wooden door with their body alone, or causing a 3 inch dent in a lid of a car by slamming on it. One report showed us probably one of Meshuga's biggest feat of strength he has shown. A body was discovered hanging on a trench branch after being impaled by it. No one knows how Meshuga did this, but some believe that it's because he slammed the persons body into the branch with his own strength. As crazy as it sounds, it's highly possible that Meshuga would actually be this strong, after all, he has such a well defined body that's designed for brute strength.

Crimes and Investigations

Although he seemingly has no history for his existence, he definitely has a history of committing one of the most horrendous acts of murder this country has ever uncovered. They have murdered, tortured, kidnapped, and imprisoned a myriad of unfortunate people. They have a confirmed body count of 175 with no survivors to tell the tale. Every victim has had their bodies completely mangled, and their bodies carved in many horrific ways. Authorities have claimed that they've actually discovered something really disturbing about Meshuga's victims. They found out that with every kill, the bodies become more and more gruesome and somewhat creative than the last. The first one being left out in the middle of the woods, with their body riddled with wounds of an axe. The 22nd one having their stomach cut open and spilling their internal organs all around the table they lay on. And the 42nd being stabbed through the chest with a tree branch and left to hang there. It seems as if with each kill, he becomes more creative in a sense, and with each kill, he brings more and more attention to them. With each kill, they become more and more easier to find, as if he wants you to find them. People that live in California, mostly those who live close to a forest, say that they’re even scared to walk close to the forest, thinking that they’ll see a body there, or even see Meshuga himself. Meshuga continued with his murder spree for 4 years until 2018 when he suddenly disappeared in thin air. Some thought of this as a miracle, but that was until 2019 showed up. Sightings of this man have been suddenly reported in Texas. Police were skeptical about it at first, thinking it was all just a joke, because this man has only been seen in California. However, when bodies were suddenly being reported in Texas, that was when the police realized that this was no joke. It turns out that Meshuga seemingly migrated into Texas. Police have tried to investigate back in California to see if anyone may have spotted this guy walking around. They’ve even tried to look for missing vehicles to see if Meshuga may have used a car to travel to Texas. From weeks to months, the police have found no evidence of a stolen vehicle, which could only mean that Meshuga may have traveled on foot. Investigations have gone on for months, and within those months, bodies were still being buried by this man.

The Blackout

On October 27th 2019, a blackout was enacted and all information regarding Meshuga have completely vanished from the public eye. All known articles and internet pages have mysteriously disappeared and Meshuga was never heard of again. No one knows the reasoning behind this act, but many believe that the men in black are the ones responsible, thinking that they’re going to take their investigations even further to try and uncover this urban legend. Despite the Government’s efforts to try and eliminate all information about Meshuga, he is still referenced from here to there by the town’s folk. Some may even say that the blackout actually immortalized Meshuga as a legend. To some, he is an unholy menace that has to be eradicated at all cost. For others, he is a living legend.


Countless interviews have been made with the people who have encountered Meshuga. Many efforts have been made to gather as many recordings as we can, however the following listed are the only ones that we have been given permission to view. Their names have been kept hidden by their rights.

Interview 1#: The Road Witness

Interviewer: So tell me what you saw…

[REDACTED]: Alright, so basically what I did was...I was riding across the road in my truck, when I decided to pull over and have a smoke. And I was-..I was just smoking there and just..looking around and stuff, seeing the trees and the bushes you know...And then I started to hear footsteps coming from my left side..From far away. And then...I didn’t really care about it at first but then, I saw a man, wearing a black coat, walk out of the forest, and then walk across the road, and then walk into the other side of the forest.

Interviewer: Okay so what were they wearing?

[REDACTED]: Uhh they were uhh- they were wearing some uhh black...Uhh a black coat I think, or a black jacket. They had some black pants too, and black or maybe grey shoes, I don’t know. I couldn’t see the front part...because their backs were turned to me like I only saw- like the side of them almost.

Interviewer: Did you see their face?

[REDACTED]: Nah I didn’t. I only saw their head, and they only had hair….

Interviewer: ..Like how long..?

[REDACTED]: It was uh...It was...I- I couldn’t really see their neck...Sooo I assume that their hair was pretty long...Or actually maybe I did see their hair. I think I saw their hair on their shoulders, cause I remember seeing something black on his shoulders, so I believe it was his hair...So yeah I think his hair was long.

Interviewer: Okay, how tall was he?

[REDACTED]: ...Ummmmm. ([REDACTED] pauses for a second) I don’t really know...But I think it was...Probably at average height, or maybe higher? Cause I don’t-, I wasn’t at a good distance...To uhh, determine height...cause it was really far. So I’m not sure how high he was, but I think he was-...He was probably above average height..

Interviewer: So did he have anything on him? Was he holding a weapon of some kind?

[REDACTED]: ..No I don’t think so. He was just walkin. I didn’t see anything. And if he did have a weapon, I wouldn’t have seen it, cause he probably had it hidden somewhere under that jacket.

Interviewer: So do you think this was him? Do you think this was the man that committed those murders?

[REDACTED]: I do believe he was the guy who murdered those people, cause I’ve been around these parts for a very long time may I tell you, and I ain’t never seen anyone lookin like that. I know some of the people who live outside of town and I know a lot of people there and I’ve never seen anyone that looked like that. So yes I do think he’s the one. (REDACTED nods his head)

Interview is concluded.

'Interview #2: The Trailer Encounter'

Interviewer: Okay so explain to me what happened.

Meshuga drawing.png

[REDACTED]: Okay so me and my friends were camping out in the woods in the trailer. We were all camping out having a good time and then one night, we were all just in the trailer talking and having conversations, when I started to hear footsteps outside. I was a little creeped out, and my friends were too. But when I looked outside, (REDACTED made a gesture with their hand thrusting outward)  I saw a hand smack against the window, and then I screamed and then I jumped. Everyone in the entire trailer got scared and jumped. And I actually saw it, walked past the window, and its face was…. It was sooo ugly. It was like it had...Some sort of skin condition or some physical condition because...I saw its teeth, like it had no lips. And I also saw some spots on its face. I don’t know what happened to it, but whatever happened, it looked like it had its face burnt off.

Interviewer: Were you the only one who saw their face?

[REDACTED]: No, my friends told me they saw it too. I went up to one of my friends [REDACTED] and said “Oh my god did you see its face” and it turns out that they had a better look at it than I did, and they said “Oh my god yes I did! It had so many scars on its face and its lips were like torn off!” And I then said “That’s exactly what I saw!” She looked more scared than I was, because she actually saw..what it looked like.

Interviewer: Can you describe more what it looked like?

[REDACTED]: ...Umm yeah. Its face was..really scary nonetheless, like really terrifying, I’ve never seen anything like that in my entire life. It had a ton of scars on its face. I’m not sure how to describe them, because I’m not sure if they were caused by its flesh rotting, or because it came from some sort of accident, but they looked like big spots that appeared all over its face...And its mouth was just so messed up. It literally had no lips, like they were ripped off. There was scaring surrounding its gums. And its eyes…. I couldn’t see their eyes entirely, but they looked white...Like their eyes were almost white. I’m not sure if they do have pupils, from my perspective they didn’t. It also had long black hair, uhh a black jacket or hoodie, and a red shirt.

Interviewer: Did anything else happen that night?

[REDACTED]: …...No not really. I mean, we tried to get out of there as soon as possible but [REDACTED] was too scared to go outside, and we didn’t want him to go outside yet, we were all scared....But after a while, we peeked outside, and [REDACTED] just rushed out there and got in his truck. And we were out of there. We were all scared and shooken up. We didn’t know who that was, and we hoped that they would just...leave us alone…

Interview is concluded.

'Interview 3: The Farm Killings'

Interviewer: Alright, so tell me exactly what happened

[REDACTED]: I was in my house, I was eating dinner with my wife, and then I heard the pigs screaming...My wife was like “What’s going on with the pigs?” So I decided to go out there and check it out. I hoped that there weren’t any coyotes or wolves out there picking on my pigs, because I didn’t remember locking the barn. The last thing I wanted to see was one of my pigs getting eaten up by some animal...I walked down to the barn...I entered...The pigs were still screaming in their den...And I looked at the see a puddle of blood, and one of the pigs missing....[REDACTED pauses for a second] As I look at the ground, I see a small trail of drops of blood on the ground, leading towards the back door. I looked up and I saw that the back door was still open, and a man walking into the forest with my pig...I immediately jumped forward to chase that man, I yelled “Hey! What the f*ck are you doing with my pig!” And the man doesn’t respond, so I chase after him, but by the time I made it to the forest, he’s already gone so far into it. I make my way into the forest, and I still hear the man walking. I go up the hill and I see him, in front of me. Now this man could’ve been at least 6’7 or 6’8, because he was tall. I mean he was tall. Not only that but he had very broad shoulders, like they were very wide. I called him out “Hey!” and he’s not stopping so I go push through the branches and I run up to him, and I was thinking about tackling him despite how big he was, but then he turns around…. And I got to have a good look at his face.

Interviewer: What did he look like?

[REDACTED]: Man...sigh...This thing...had the most...ugliest face, I have ever seen in my life!...It was so horrifying, I don’t even know where to begin...That face is just...Scaring. I have never seen such a horrible looking man in my life...In fact, I am so glad my wife was never there to see it….[REDACTED pauses for a second] This-...thing...Had scars running down his entire face...He had blisters on his cheeks, his forehead, his chin, they were all over the place. He had no nose, half of his nose was gone, all that was left was the bone part of it and two holes, with scars all over it…. But that, doesn’t what I’m about to say next…..His mouth, had no lips..All that was left was a mass of exposed flesh surrounding his entire mouth! Every row of teeth could be seen.. And the way he was staring at me… looked like he wanted to kill me!..... His eyes, I don’t even think I remember seeing his pupils. They looked like they were cloudy, like he was blind. I’m not sure if he even had any pupils, he probably had pure white eyes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did, because from what I learned, anything that comes from hell doesn’t have the eyes of a human…..He was just standing there, holding my blood covered pig on his shoulders, giving me this look like “You better get on out of here before I slaughter your ass.” And I stood there for 5 solid seconds staring at this thing before I turned around and hauled my ass out of there. I ran back into the house, and my wife was worried, she said ‘Honey what happened!?” and all I said was.. ‘Sweetie, call the police, now!”

Interviewer: What was he wearing? Did he have a weapon in his hand?

[REDACTED]: He was um, wearing a black hoodie, with a red some black pants, and some black shoes...And he did have a weapon. I remember seeing an axe in his left hand, and it was covered in blood...He also had long hair, and his hair did not look healthy. It looked like he had never showered in a long time. It looked very oily, and it was so long that it reached the top of his chest.

  • Meshuga sketch.png
    [The interviewer writes something down on their paper attached to their clipboard]

Interviewer: Is there anything else that you want to add?

[REDACTED]: …. I want him caught...That’s all I want….

Interview is concluded.

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