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It was 11:56 PM. I was on the way into my bedroom when I heard a loud ringtone. I sighed, "Who could be calling me at this hour?" I picked my phone from my pocket and answered it anyway. It was an unknown number.

"Hello?" I asked

No one answered, but I can hear soft laughing at the end of the other line. I then thought that it was a prank. I asked again.

"Hello? Who is this? If you think that this is funny, well, it's not. What do you want?"

The soft laughing stopped. After a minute of silence, the call ended. "What the heck?" I said to myself. I immediately deleted the number. I went to my room and tried to sleep, not thinking much about what happened. I was too tired that I easily fell asleep.

The next night, it happened again. An unknown number was calling me again at exactly the same time. I was very sure that it was the same number that called me. I still answered the phone.

"Hello? Who is this please?"

And again, there was no answer. I can only hear its breathing close to the phone. I didn't say anything but waited for it to answer.

After five minutes of silence, the call ended again. I was thinking that whoever did those calls knows me and only wants me to be angry or scared. Well, it succeeded to make me angry though. This time I blocked the number and went to sleep. I thought it won't be able to contact me anymore, but it still managed to call me, I don't know how. The same calls continued every midnight at the exact same time. I was so tired of it. I kept thinking if I argued with someone or, whatever I did for someone to do these to me.

After two weeks of the same calls, something different happened.

"Why can't you stop already? What did I ever do to you to do these things to me? I'm so tired of this. Leave me alone already!"

I can hear soft cries at the end of the other line. The call ended. I was awake the whole night thinking about what happened. The next day, I told my best friend about everything. He said that I should call the police to investigate. There aren't any bad things that happened to me except for not having enough sleep. I thought that it wasn't necessary to call the police yet. "What if that person is only a child who doesn't know what he/she was doing?" "What if that child only wants someone to talk to?" Those thoughts made me felt like I should talk again with that unknown number. I stayed up all night waiting for it to call. The sun was already rising, no unknown phone calls. I felt bad for saying those words to that person. I always delete its number everytime the call ended, I didn't fully memorized its number that time. After a month, I received them again. That time, I kinda felt relieved.


No one was answering again. I was sure it was the call I'd waited for.

"You know... Why don't you just talk to me? It's okay, I'm not mad. I just want to know what you need from me."

I heard a chuckle at the other line after saying those words, the call ended. Weeks past and I was still receiving its phone calls. I bought a new phone and kept the old one in one of my wooden drawers. I was hoping that the unknown number can't contact me anymore. It was night. I fell asleep on my desk while editing. I was awaken by the loud rang from my phone. I'm so sure it was the unknown number again. I already memorized its number. I was very sleepy, but I was so sure it was it. "How did that person know my new phone number?" For the first time, I didn't answer. My phone kept ringing for what felt like hours, until it stopped. I heard it rang again, but it was a different ringtone. The ringtone was the most common ringing you hear from telephones although, I don't have any telephone. I still checked my old phone from one of my wooden drawers just in case the phone was malfunctioned and changed its ringtone. My old phone was shut just the way I left it. The ringing kept echoing through my ears, I can't pinpoint where it was coming from. My new phone lighted and displayed a calling number, the unknown number. As I grabbed the phone, the other ringing stopped. I answered the call.

"What do you want?! What do you want?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" I was sobbing already.

The call ended.

Every midnight, I can hear phone calls. They weren't coming from any of my phones. I could never pinpoint where the phone calls where coming. The ringing will stop everytime the sun is coming up. The scariest thing is that, I'm the only one who can hear the phone calls. Some of my friends and family members suggested me to go to the doctor, I did. The doctor said that there was nothing wrong with me. Everywhere I go, I can still hear the phone calls every midnight. I couldn't sleep well and always ended up falling asleep in the morning. One time, I was scrolling in facebook at midnight when, I received a video call. I didn't know where it was from. I felt an odd feeling that if I answer it, something bad might happen. I doubted at first if it was the unknown number. I didn't hear any ringing at  any of my phones or anywhere. Nothing. There were no ringing sounds echoing. The unknown person kept sending me video calls, waiting for me to answer. I then thought that it maybe the only way to end all of these, there were no other ways of ending it though. I took a deep breath and answered. There was no one in the video, only pitch black. Moments later, it displayed a dim lighted room with a telephone on a long, wooden table. The ringing then started, I could only hear the ringing sounds from the video call. Blood slowly poured out from the telephone, something was being formed. I couldn't see very well what was being formed for the camera was focused at the top of the wooden table and a black colored, vintage telephone. I could see something at the bottom of the camera, something dark was slowly forming. I didn't want to continue, I already wanted to end the call but I couldn't move. All I could do was to watch while the ringing sound was getting faster and louder from the video call. The form was completed.

It was me.

It looked exactly like me, except for the black colored skin and hair. I have light colored skin and dark brown hair. It only stood there, looking below. It slowly lifted its head facing the camera as if it was facing me. It had red eyes, very different from my dark brown eyes. It smiled at me, it was a normal smile as if it was innocent. It looked back and grabbed the phone behind. It pressed it to its ears. The ringing from the video call stopped, instead, my phone rang. I grabbed my phone, trembling. As I pressed my phone towards my ears, its mouth opened slowly. I couldn't hear anything it said, even in the video call itself. Its mouth stopped motioning. Then it laughed, kept laughing until I finally heard it. I could hear its evil laugh in both my ears. The Earphone in my left ear, and my phone pressed towards my right ear. Its voice was exactly the same as mine. It didn't stopped laughing. Its laughs then slowly turned in a monsterous tone. I got control and press the shut down button of my computer immediately. The call ended from my phone also. I heard a ringing sound again. I could hear it outside my room. I got out of my room and followed the ring. I headed downstairs and continued to the living room. I froze as I saw the same black colored, vintage telephone. I stood still, facing it for long. I finally walked slowly towards the phone. I grabbed the phone and pressed it towards my ear slowly.

"H-Hello?" I answered with a trembling voice

No one answered. There was only silence. I slowly felt my ear starting to bleed. I then heard what sounded like footsteps on the other end of the line. I couldn't take off the phone from my ear, as if the phone was glued with my ear. A loud ring forced my strength to take off the phone. There it was, the blood was pouring out from the telephone's speakers. My dark self slowly forming. I couldn't run. Its form was finally completed. It slowly walked towards me as I trembled with fear and couldn't do anything. It paused, three inches away from me. It made eye contact. It reached its hand towards my head. It felt like, it was absorbing my energy. I felt blood pouring down my head. It wasn't painful, but I was feeling more and more weaker. It felt like dying without pain, just slowly falling asleep. I collapsed. I woke up in a room, it was dim lighted. The walls were colored white with bronze abstract designs on it, the floor was thin red carpet, there were no windows, there's a long wooden table nearly beside where I was laying. I stood up, I trembled, it was the room I saw from the video call. The same long wooden table and black colored, vintage phone on top of it. I saw a dark brown wooden door at the opposite of the table where I was standing. I opened the door, only to see a lot of doors filled the walls in a very big room. I looked above me, eyes wide opened, the ceiling looked endless same with the doors properly aligned vertically and horizontally. I was like looking at an optical illusion. I couldn't see any sign of the ceiling, I was curious of what's placed at the very end. I couldn't enter any higher doors without any stairs or ladder. The only other place to go to was the room I woke up.

"If I open the door at the very bottom and try to climb at the top of it... Open the higher door and... How the heck will I climb those?!"

I took the nearest door to my right and opened it. It was a familiar room. It was my best friend's room, well, it looked like my best friend's room. I entered the room immediately, hoping to escape through the big window. As I entered, the whole room changed into a black and white swirl, optical illusion like. I was falling. I became dizzy while looking around, I felt like my eyes are spinning. My body felt like it was melting, the next thing I knew, I came out from a phone's speakers. I slowly formed back into my flesh. I screamed and tripped from one of the books on the floor. I stood up and ran from the door I came from which I thought to be back of the large room with plenty of doors. I opened the door and saw the hallway of my best friend's house. I was so confused. I ran downstairs and found my best friend asleep in his living room holding a paintbrush. It seemed that he was finishing one of his projects. I ran towards him.

"Jay! Wake up! You won't believe what happened-"

Such fear and darkness came inside me, I can't touch him. I kept screaming but he won't wake up, he can't hear me. I walked towards the windows, the curtains were closed. I tried opening the curtains but, I can't touch them or feel them. The sun risen already. He woke up. I tried talking to him but he won't hear me. Days passed. I kept  walking around places, thinking of what to do. Everyday, I feel more and more different. My skin was turning dark, I feel so dark inside of me. I don't know how to escape.

Cring! Cring! "Who could it be... It's already 11:38, who would call me at this hour? *yawns*" Jay tried to grab his phone on top of the drawer and fell off his bed. "Ouch!" he reached for his phone.

"Hello?" he answered