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August 3, 1988: Logbook entry 1,


Over the waves near the island of Fiji, I saw something over the vast ocean. What looked like a tree, with fishermen surrounding it. Even though our technology was not made well, these boats were below safe to be on the water. The boats were wooden boats, with scrapped walls and fishing poles hanging over the side of the boat. No people though, surprisingly, these boats seemed to have had humans on them before. I rowed myself towards the boats along with the tall tree, just to realize when I arrived, only the tree remained. The boats were gone, completely evacuated. Worse happened, both my paddles fell over board and drifted away.

August 5, 1988: Logbook entry 2,

This tree is weird. Its roots go far underwater and fruit produces on its branches every single week. It's usually coconuts that form, but I have seen apple, bananas and oranges come from the tree. It resembles a palm tree, with a wider trunk and peeling bark. There was also one dead palm found. Even though I can't return to shore, I have a plentiful food source and several plastic water bottles. Still, I have not found where the boats went.

August 6, 1988: Logbook entry 3,

No way back to shore now. I have an engine in my ship, but I have no spare gas cans and I only have just enough to reach halfway towards the island. Tested the water around the tree, it turns out to be freshwater. Freshwater ocean surrounding a tree that seemingly popped out of nowhere. I feel pretty healthy now that I am eating all this fruit, though. However, carvings are inside the falling bark from the tree. A language I could not read, I wrote the symbols here for you guys to read and possibly translate.

medis nėra saugus

August 8, 1988: Logbook entry 4,

Is there a point in writing in this log book? It's not like people can read this. I made a friend today, as well. Someone came up from the ocean saying he was from Sydney in Australia. From his information, people are looking for me and it seems we can't turn back. The currents around this tree were strong enough to pull him away. He is pretty buff, meaning I would have blown away like a feather trying to swim. I asked the man what his name was. He didn't respond though, all I heard was silence. At least I have company on this adventure.

August 9, 1988: Logbook entry 5,

The fruit is getting drier, freshwater is tasting like polluted oil. I can barely eat now, because of the foul taste. The man is not affected though, usually downing bowls of water and eating occasional fruit. He needs a nickname though, I will give him the name Buff, because of his strength. I should get used to what I eat now. An apple a day keeps me alive another.

August 13, 1988: Logbook entry 6,

Same all the same, the fruit is getting bad now, producing rotten apples and banana peels. Coconuts are the only things that are ripe now. Drinking from the coconuts is what I use for water now. The “water” is now gray and tastes carbonated. Buff is now himself, leaving himself on the side of the ship for hours, humming a tune. It's time now I do what I must.

August 14, 1988: Logbook entry 7,

The food supply is up again now, it tastes better than ever. Buff jumped off the boat into the water swimming back to Fiji, I saw him get swept away by the waves out into the vast, empty ocean. Hopefully he finds his way home! Other than that, the coconut milk is still well and nothing has changed much, apart from Buff's departure.

August 15, 1988: Logbook entry 8,

Never have I seen a whole island disappear. Fog hit in the early morning hours over Fiji, and when it was gone, so was the island. There is nothing and no one around me, apart from the tree. A beautiful palm tree with incredible ancient carvings of godlike figures. Still don't what the text means, though.

August 16, 1988: Logbook entry 9,

There is a boat in the distance. Not a big one, but a fishing vessel. I want to be saved from this tree.

On January 15, 1989, Jose Alford Stanford was sentenced for the murder of a man who he titled in his logbook as, “Buff.” So far, he is the only victim of this man. Jose has been sentenced to a mental hospital for the rest of his life after logbook entries shows clear signs of non-existent entities including a palm tree, fishing boats and a fishing vessel near the tree. Investigators have found toxins in the air that may have caused Jose to hallucinate at the time.