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In a suburban, two-story home, nonstop arguing and fights could be heard. The family living in the home was not very well off. The father and the mother fought constantly, while the son remained oblivious. Being only six, he didn't really understand what they were yelling about, and it didn't bother him too much yet.

One day the argument got really heated, and this time it took place on the second floor. The wife was screaming at her husband, infuriated at God knows what, and she was standing a bit too close to the stairs. The husband pushed her, sending her tumbling down the stairs and breaking her neck on the last step, killing her instantly.

Panicked, as he knew his son would arrive home from school, the father hid the body not too far from the house. He told his son that mommy had gone on vacation, as he often did when the son was curious of her whereabouts. Maybe someday he could tell him what truly happened, but for now, he didn't think his son would suspect anything.

A week went by, the son didn't seem affected. The husband shrugged it off, seeming to believe that his son actually bought the lie. A couple months passed by, and dad was getting paranoid at this point. Maybe his son knew, maybe he already reported it to the police and they were investigating. He was losing his mind, day by day. When he couldn't take it any longer, he went up to his son and asked "Well, don't you miss mommy? Don't you think she should be back from her vacation?"

The son shook his head, saying a placid "No" to the father. The father was puzzled and asked his son, "Well, why don't you?"

His son smiled, and gave him a hug. In the embrace, he said something in a very chilling voice that made his father shiver.

"Because, daddy, mommy has been here the whole time."

His father went wide-eyed at hearing this, and he felt a breeze down the back of his neck. He slowly turned around, and saw the specter of his deceased wife.

"Hi, honey. I'm back from my vacation."