We see shapes in the dark.

If we focus we think we can hear them too.

They terrify us, so we call them monsters.

Or even sin embodied, demons.

But we know they do not truly exist.

They are nothing more than our own madness.

So why do we call them monsters?

Because our frail pillars of sanity cannot let us see the truth.

Because if we see what we know the pillars of sanity crumble,

And we fall into the darkness of our own minds.

Our sanity is held up by one simple lie.

That we are not all corrupted,

That we aren't all sinners.

But we already know that the masters of sin aren't demons.

No, they are as mortal as us.

Because they are us, we are masters of sin and the stalkers of our own nightmares.

We are evil incarnate.

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