The darkness, the ever so sweet darkness, engulfs my sleep, drowning me in the emptiness of the air around me. I was so comfortable; I am genuinely surprised I left this comfortable haven, but alas, the curious sounds above my head drove me to the peak of curiosity, so I rolled over to face myself upwards, and stood.

There was something lying on my bed, which was odd to begin with, but it was strange. It was the most… I don’t know how to describe it, it was just SO odd. It must have been asleep, and it also looked young, at least, that was my first impression, which in light of later events, happened to be correct.

I stared at this strange creature on my bed, fascinated by its odd shape, strange appendages, and distinct face. It looked almost cute, in a way, but then it started to stir. I stood frozen as the creature shifted, as I prayed that it was still asleep, but one turn of its head and it saw me.

It let out the most terrifying roar I have ever heard, and I did the only thing I could think of; I hid under my bed. I heard monstrous footsteps barreling towards me, as the door flew open, and something called:


As the child screamed, “DADDY! MONSTER! MONSTER UNDER MY BED!”

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