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A few nights ago the creepiest thing happened to me.

See, it was eleven years ago when my twin sister Anna died. We were just 19. She was driving along the road and then a drunkie came out of nowhere and ran the red light. Anna laid on the horn, but he kept going. And she was in his path...

She died in the wreckage. I was at the scene. I saw her corpse. Her face was frozen in shock. Clumps of dried blood matted her hair. One arm had come loose from its socket. Her neck and legs were bending funny. She was not a pretty sight.

I was devastated. Anna had been everything to me. We were like two halves of a whole. It took me ages to recover, and I must admit I did consider joining her a few times. It was such a change from my usual demeanor...Normaly me and Anna had played pranks on everyone and tried our best to make others laugh. Now, I was just dragging everyone around me down, and nobody liked it at all.

After many many many therapy sessions and some much-needed comfort from my boyfriend Jason, I did start to recover, though. Soon after we graduated from college, we married, and we even had kids. First was a little girl. I named her Anna, just to remind me. Then seven years later came a darling little boy who we named Randy. Currently, he is one and Anna Jr. is eight.

But that isn't the end. Some weeks ago, I saw Anna. The real one. Not our daughter, but Anna Wendell, my twin sister. She was standing in our back garden, illuminated by the moonlight. She was smiling, and her arms were outsretched. She beckoned me to come closer. I was scared, and shut the window. Was I going crazy? Or maybe I was already crazy. Either way, both thoughts scared me. So I quickly dismissed the image of Anna to lack of sleep. And that was that.

And yet, it happened the next night too. I saw Anna in the garden. She danced in the moonlight and smiled at me. I stared a little longer. Was I crazy? I didn't feel like it. But the cries of baby Randy quickly put all thoughts of Anna out of my mind.

The night after that, Anna appeared again. She danced in the moonlight, and I stared at her in an almost-trance. I wanted to run to Anna, and jump into her arms. I wanted to look away, but at the same time, I didn't want to look away. Anna ran around the garden laughing, climbed up the trees and swung from the wooden swing that was Anna Jr's. It reminded me of the games me and Anna used to play outside when we were little, and tears stung my eyes as I realised I would give anything to play one last game with Anna. Even after all these years, I still missed her. Just as I was about to walk out the door to join her, she started walking towards the window. She opened her arms and beckoned me to jump out the window. I was just about to, when she said something that snapped me out of it. Something that made me realise this wasn't my sister.

"C'mon, Heather. Just do it and we can play together forever..."

That was creepy. That was disturbing. That was out of a horror movie. That was not my sister. I shut the window and closed the blinds.

I spent the rest of the night researching devils and ghosts and sirens. Things that this thing could possibly be, and pretty soon I found a creature that seemed plausible.

It was a type of devil that took the form of a deceased loved one and tried to seduce their victim into suicide so the devil could take them to hell with it. That was what this things was. Not my trickster sister, but a trickster devil.

I also read about some measures that could be taken against these beings. Namely, a very personal item that belonged to the one they were impersonating, sprinkled with saltwater. If they touched it, they would die. But I had to find some way to make them touch it without getting close, because if I got too close, "Anna" would take me into her embrace...and we would play together forever.

I decided to wait until the next night to do it. I still had her necklace from when we were twelve. On the end of the chain was a little gold A. I had one just like it, with a little gold H.

I sprinkled it with salt water and waited till the next night. The creature appeared again, and when it beckoned for me to jump into its arms, I instead threw the necklace at it. Its skin seemed to bubble and boil, and it hissed in pain before melting away into a puddle on the lawn. The puddle then vanished.

I haven't seen it since. But be on the lookout for others like it. It isn't the only one of its kind.

And I got lucky. Mine was one of the weak ones. One of the ones that has to make you die of your own free will. Some of them can flat-out hypnotize you into doing it and becoming their playmate for all eternity.

If you have seen a deceased loved one recently, keep an eye out...It might be them.

It's another warning sign if they're beckoning you to come with them.

And if they're dancing in the moonlight, you're screwed.

Just pray it's a weak one, okay?