I, an ancient force
Grim fate in ghastly form
Know not of remorse
My presence feared, like a storm
But today, my heart did warm

Today, he was there
He, the Lord's eternal slave
He with snow white hair
His face falteringly brave
As he knelt before her grave

Marred with scars of burn
Nothing I’d not seen before
Only just returned
Survivor of Hellish war
Still my shade darkens his door

“When?” he deigned to ask
I approached, slowly walking
“Just two fortnights past.”
He felt that I’d been stalking
And lured me into talking

“She knew my touch, death
“And no more she could delay.
“She breathed her last breath
“Her last exhale spent to say
“Just one word, and passed away.”

“I thought so, reaper.
“The moment I crossed the sea
“You sought to keep her.
“Now her spirit, held by thee
“You use to barter with me.”

I knew what he meant
The cat and mouse game of chase
All my patience spent
On this man who’d won the race
One I never could debase

He’d not fight for life
He instead chose to parley
“If you save my wife
“I swear on this grave today
“My soul, I shall trade away.”

He asked nothing new
Nothing I’d not heard before
Nothing I would do
“A live corpse, we’d both abhor.
“Your wife shall rest evermore.”

He stood from the plot
“Again, this is what you do?
“My first, left to rot.
“My second, her heart run through
“By a blade thrust forth by you.

“How long must it be?
“One hundred? One thousand years?
“When will I be free?
“Forced not to shed mourning tears
“For bride whose death ever nears?”

“We are not like them.
“Our hearts beat not as theirs did.
“We’ve no requiem
“No way for our lives to rid.
“Our demise, the Lord forbids.”

"You lie, horrid one.
“God has given you a way
“To cease what’s been done.
“This immortal you can slay.
“Give my soul to her today.

“No one else can do.
“This gift only you possess.
“You know my words true.
“I beg of you, without duress
“Cut free the Lord’s tangled mess.”

He knew my power
Nothing I’d not known before
His wilted flower
I could save, her life restore
And give her his shining core

I would tell him ‘No’
As I’d done centuries past
And away he’d go
Ever-longer life would last
Ever-darker shadow cast

But I could not sway
He’d not take knee, nor head bow
His fire blazed today
Bright before, but brightest now
He would not forsake his vow

His strength staggered me
Something I’d not felt before
So it came to be
For my grasp he had implored
And I warned what was in store

“Know the consequence.
“Your soul, she can never sell
“And forever hence
“Holy Lord shall know it well
“His prized angel falls to Hell.

He took time for thought
“I have just one last request.”
I knew what he sought
“With her breath from falling chest
“Her last word, in life, was ‘Rest’.

“A request perhaps.
“A command of you and I
”‘Fore her life elapsed
“She may wish for you to fly
“And I, in the shadows, lie.”

Silenced for a time
He considered what to say
Locked his eyes with mine
Bowed his head, as if to pray
Spread his wings, and flew away

Now, I sit and write
Alone with her in this glen
Long into the night
Thinking of my angel friend
And if e’er our lives will end

Written by TheWizardOfTheWoods
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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