The picture on the person's shirt.

In Point Pleasant, West Virginia, there is a myth, as they say, but I call it a legend. Mothman. I am a photographer, I take many pictures of things, mostly people, nature, etc. One day while driving through WV, I saw a bridge. A very large "bird" thing was on top of it. The thing had bright red eyes as if it wasn't really even a bird. As I researched it, I found out it was called the Mothman and many other people had seen it as well.

A few weeks went by as I wondered about that strange creature. I saw it in my dreams, then one night, while I was shooting pictures of a dark and scary place, I heard something that sounded like it was circling around me, flying. I looked up and all I could see were red eyes, scary eyes. I ran to my car and it followed. As I got back into town, somebody had a shirt on with this creature with those red scary eyes.

I then started wondering if that thing was stalking me, since I had a picture of it, or if it was possibly just wanting something from me. The first picture shows something that somebody found that an Indian had made. So has this Mothman been alive for over a 100 years? Is it even possible that it's a man who had something happen to him?

This thing chased me in my car. I was going 75 and it was right on top of me, so this thing can fly as fast as my car and probably even faster. I really don't want to upload my picture of the Mothman, in case something or someone will get frightened or mad. I have two pictures of the Mothman. Sadly, I don`t want to upload it cause they are frightening. Here is a picture I found that looks like the Mothman is hanging from a bridge. Some say that Mothman still lives today near the Golden Gate Bridge. Keep a good eye on him if you live.

The bridge


CRYPTOZOOLOGY Mothman of West Virginia

CRYPTOZOOLOGY Mothman of West Virginia


The Mothman only shows up when disasters are about to happen, as he is a sign of a warning. If you see Mothman, please contact me.

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