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Do you like motorways? Is there something you truly desire? Is there something you would do anything to get? Well, you’re in luck! But you do have to do something to get it, and that something might be too much for some to bear, as it takes nerves of steel to drive across the whole motorway alive! Today, I will explain the procedure and rules of this ritual.

You will need:

  • A wish or desire
  • A lighter
  • A tank of a flammable liquid or gas
  • A vehicle, preferably a car
  • A tank that can last through a 1000 kilometer drive
  • Iron nerves
  • A mug, cup or any other small container
  • A bathroom
  • A mask (not mandatory, but it makes the ritual easier)
  • Food and drink (You will be on a 7-hour long drive)
  • Energy drinks (helps fight lethargy during the ritual)

Ritual Prerequisites[]

  • An end of a motorway, with at least 6 total lanes
  • Air temperature no more than 22 degrees celsius
  • Must be done at night 5 hours before dawn

The Prelude[]

Once you meet all those basic requirements, then you need to first need to fetch the container that you were going to use and fill it with water from your tap (this part is very important, as if you do not do this, you won’t be able to get back home once you finish the ritual). Then drive to the nearest motorway end, taking the cup of water with you. Then, you need exit the car to get out a container full of flammable liquid or gas and then burn the container right outside the car, which needs to be parked at an end of a motorway.

If it takes under 45 seconds or over 200 seconds for the gas to burn out: Do not proceed, throw the container in the nearest garbage bin and say ‘I am sorry, Mason for trying to enter your private world. Please forgive me’ and get a sample of your tear and put it in the garbage bin. If you do not do this, he will haunt your vehicle forever. Once you have done this, drive back home, and wait 7 days before attempting this ritual again.

If it takes between 45 seconds and 200 seconds for the gas to burn out: You may proceed.

Once that is done, get back in the car and look in the rear view mirror. You will see it has changed colour. Here is what the colours mean:

Blue: Pick up your cup of water and move the cup in a circular motion until you feel like someone has splashed water on you.

Green: Stare at the gas container until you feel light-headed. This feeling will go away once you look away.

Red: Do not proceed. Exit the vehicle immediately and run as fast as you can. This means Jason is very angry and the vehicle will explode within 5 - 15 seconds of you entering the vehicle.

Once you have done all of that, think of your wish. Keep thinking about it until you hear a whisper calling out your name. Once you do, say these words out aloud while closing your eyes ‘Please let me in your secret world, Jason’ keep saying this until you have a mental image of your wish. At that point, open your eyes. Now this is when the actual game starts!

The Drive[]

Upon opening your eyes, you will find yourself at the beginning of a motorway in another world. You will see all the street lights are off and it is pitch-black outside. The motorway has 7 lanes on each side, totaling 14 lanes, and the motorway will be split into 18 parts, and there will be 60 junctions on it, and a junction will be between all the parts. There will be no cars driving on it. You will be located in a place called Ost City, but despite the name, there are no people in the city, and it will be abandoned. The water you had will be gone. Now you must start the car and drive along the motorway. At this point, there is no turning back! The only way to get back home is to finish the drive across the motorway, but doing so will be no easy task.

During the drive you must not:

  • Turn on the radio
  • Open the windows
  • Leave the vehicle
  • Exit the motorway
  • Go faster than 160km/h
  • Use your phone

If you do, you will be trapped in Jason’s world forever.

Here are all the journey stamps for each part of the motorway (041.2 is the 42nd kilometer on the motorway) 

Part 1: 000.0 - 041.2

Part 2: 041.2 - 106.3

Part 3: 106.3 - 193.7

Part 4: 193.7 - 253.4

Part 5: 253.4 - 308.2

Part 6: 308.2 - 356.8

Part 7: 356.8 - 400.0

Part 8: 400.0 - 462.9

Part 9: 462.9 - 500.0

Part 10: 500.0 - 571.1

Part 11: 571.1 - 638.6

Part 12: 638.6 - 673.0

Part 13: 673.0 - 710.0

Part 14: 710.0 - 777.7

Part 15: 777.7 - 812.7

Part 16: 812.7 - 854.5

Part 17: 854.5 - 929.3

Part 18: 929.3 - 1000.0

Now that you know where each part is located along the motorway, you will need to buckle up because you are about to go on a long journey!

Drive. It's Part 1. Nothing much will happen. You will be driving mostly east, but a bit south as well and notice that the air has gotten warmer, the sky has gotten clearer and there are a lot of stars in the sky. Try to not feel fear here, as it won’t help the journey get any easier. If it feels too hot, turn on the air conditioning. 

Drive. It's Part 2. The air will get even warmer. The air temperature will increase by 4 to 7 degrees every part you travel. Keep driving and do not feel fear. You should probably turn on your ac before the temperature outside becomes unbearable!

Drive. It's Part 3. You may notice that there is a slight smell of garlic. You should pay no attention to this and keep going, as if you do, the smell will get stronger and it may cause you to veer off the motorway. If you brought a mask, wear it, as it will muffle the smell. At the end of the part, you will see a motorway merge junction. You need to take the junction, as staying left would be going on a different motorway and missing the exit will cause your vehicle to lose power. 

Drive. It's Part 4. You will see billboards and signs trash talking you. You must not look towards it as it may cause you to lose hope. The smell of garlic is gone, but it will be back!

Drive. It's Part 5. You will hear distant whispers of people trash talking you. You must pay no attention to this and keep driving. Listening to these voices will draw them close to you and if it is loud enough, it will startle you off the motorway, and your vehicle will lose power, unable to start again, and you will die due to the heat.

Drive. It's Part 6. The voices will get louder, and you will see even more of the billboards. You must not concentrate on that and keep driving. The road you were on will also merge with another road at the end of the part.

Drive. It's Part 7. The voices would have disappeared, and there would be nothing unusual when you enter the part. But, you will pass Nord City, and the city will be beautiful. You will have an urge to take the junction into the city, but you must stay on the motorway. You will see another motorway merge into the motorway you're on. After the merge junction, the motorway will turn to face mostly south and a bit east. It will stay this direction for the rest of the drive.

Drive. It's Part 8. You will still be in the city at the beginning, but you will leave the city shortly. It will be abandoned, but still be pretty. The garlic smell will come back, much stronger this time, and you will feel like vomiting because of it. You must fight that urge and not vomit or else your tires will slip and your vehicle will be thrown off the motorway. Putting your mask on is recommended to reduce the smell, and thus reduce your urge to vomit.

Drive. It's Part 9. You will hear fireworks behind you. Do not look behind, as those fireworks will blind you if you look at them, and you will crash your vehicle. The garlic smell will be still there, but it would have gotten weaker, and the urge to vomit would have gone. At the end of the part, at the 498th kilometer, your vehicle will lose power, but an invisible force will be pulling you forward. there will be a bridge. You must keep your eyes closed while you are on the bridge, as if you open your eyes, the bridge will collapse, and your vehicle will fall into the burning waters below, hot enough to kill you in minutes. You will be on the bridge for about 3 to 5 minutes. The halfway point is also located in the middle of that bridge.

Drive. It’s Part 10. You would have passed the halfway point. Once your vehicle starts again and you have left the bridge on the 503rd kilometer, then you can open your eyes. You will start to feel lethargic, but you must fight the urge to sleep. If you sleep, then you will never wake up, and your car will crash. Energy drinks will help, so drink them if you brought them.

Drive. It’s Part 11. You will want to slow down, as you will see a lot of oil spills here. Do not drive over then, as then combined heat of the air and the friction between the tires and the oil will cause the oil and your tires to catch fire, thus burning your tires and leaving you unable to move, eventually being killed by the heat. The lethargy would be gone by now.

Drive. It’s Part 12. Now you may want to speed up. On the Brad Junction, which is the junction which divides Part 11 and 12, another car will enter the motorway behind you and it will chase you. That is Jason. He will be driving from 120 to 150 km/h. If he catches you, he will trap you in his world.

Drive. It’s Part 13. He would have left you now, but he will be back! You will now pass a junction called ‘The Chilteenage Junction’ at the beginning of this part, and just as the latter part of the name of the junction says, you will start becoming like a teenager. You will start growing hair in weird places and become more impulsive, and you will start having acne. These changes will last until the end of Part 17. You will develop pimples here, and you will have an urge to pop them, but do not touch them. If you do, the pimple will produce unbearable pain, distracting you and making you crash the car.

Drive. It’s Part 14. Now there will be random glowing green clouds on parts of the motorway. You must steer clear of them, as they will suffocate you. You will also see fallen trees and crashed cars here. You must steer clear of those two. The heat here is near-boiling and the car’s air conditioner would be useless. Your headlights will flicker here too as well.

Drive. It’s Part 15. Your vehicle will stop at random intervals during this part, anywhere from 7 - 12 times. If this happens, attempt to restart the vehicle as fast as you can, because if you fail to restart the engine within a minute of stopping, the engine will die and you will be trapped in Jason's word, left to die from the scorching heat. The radio will play one of the best songs you can hear, but do not listen to it. It will distract you and crash your car.

Drive. It’s Part 16. Now the voices from Part 5 are back, but this time they are screaming and trash talking you at the same time. At the Tina Motorway Junction, which is the beginning of this part, a huge creature 5 lanes wide and 3 lanes tall will be seen and will enter the motorway. He will chase you and if he catches you, he will swallow your car whole, and if you get swallowed, you will be trapped in its stomach, and live there for the rest of your life. That creature is called Tina, who is Jason’s pet. There will be a lot more billboards trash talking you and one scream may make its way into the car. Do not look behind. You will also see dawn here. You can focus on the dawn order to get your mind off these voices.

Drive. It’s Part 17. The beast would have been tired out by now, but the voices will still be there. Do not listen to them. At the end of this part, at the 918th kilometer, you will enter on a bridge over the ocean, and to the left will be a city called Helix City. You will see the sun over the ocean on the east. Of course, this city will be abandoned. You will hear the bridge crack. You shouldn’t pay attention to this, as this will make the bridge crack more, and eventually collapse. Use the sunrise to get your mind off of that. There will also be another motorway within the city that will merge into the one you are currently driving on.

Drive. It’s Part 18. Now you are nearing the end of the motorway. The hair you grew between parts 13 and 17 will start to fall off, and your impulsivity will be gone. Now at the Bloxmoji Junction at the 956th kilometer, Jason will sprint at the exit and get in your car through the windows. He will whisper about your greatest fears in your ear, kick your seat, or scratch your backseat but you should keep your mind off of this. The temperature outside will be above boiling and any water placed in the car would be vapor in seconds! When you are in a small town near the end of the motorway on the 988th Kilometer, then Jason will make you hallucinate that you are being stabbed in the neck, and it will be incredibly painful. You must not open your eyes, scream or resist during this part. This lasts 26 seconds. Once you open your eyes after that experience, you will be holding the water you had at the beginning of the ritual, but it won’t boil. You then need to splash the water on Jason, as that will weaken him. If you do scream or resist during the experience, he will shock you to death. You also must never look at him, as his face will shock you into paralysis, making you crash the car.

The Ending[]

Once you are done with splashing water on him, drive until you reach a place called ‘Diamond City’. This time, the city will not be abandoned, but inhabited by beings who have learned to deal with the heat. You will be given the choice whether or not you want to go right to the airport, or left to the city at the end of the motorway. Choose left. Now, anywhere within the city, close your eyes and say, ‘You are no match for me, Jason! Now I will claim my reward for defeating you!’ Once you open your eyes, you will be parked outside your house, and you will see your reward outside your door if it is material and it will be daytime of course. 

After you do the ritual you should not suffer any adverse aftereffects, apart from maybe hearing noises from the ritual in your nightmares.

This ritual idea was inspired by the 11 miles ritual.

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