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Getting a Grindr notification at night is almost impossible in this town. For a night owl like myself, that makes my long and lonely nights a drag. Tonight is no exception. It’s 11 PM, and none of the fish are biting.

”Suck u dry, 35, last online 6 hours ago.”

”horny rn, 26, last online 4 hours ago.”

”Visiting, 28, last online 8 hours ago.”

What a waste of my time. I’d stop refreshing the page so much if there was anything better to do. In truth, I’d rather be disappointed by a lack of suitors than lay in my bed, failing my mission of bedrest. The movie I put on to make some white noise was coming to a close, meaning I now have to pick a new one. As I set my phone down to select Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I could hear the unmistakable sound of a Grindr notification.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

Looking at my phone, I could see the little yellow Grindr mask, next to text that said “2 new notifications: MovieBuff tapped you!”

MovieBuff? Who the hell is that?

In a town like mine, you tend to get used to the familiar faces. There are those you routinely come back to fuck time and time again, those who you avoid like the plague, those who you do once and ghost (or get ghosted by, which is most common for me), and those visiting.

I guess MovieBuff is a visitor?

Looking at his account, I was taken aback by how handsome this MovieBuff is. His well-groomed black hair accentuates his shockingly purple eyes. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen that on a real person. He has this sort of aura you don’t see often. His face is so friendly, yet there’s something mysterious behind his eyes.

I need him right now.

Reading his bio, I can see he’s 23. About two years older than me, which is a nice change of pace. I was starting to think I’d only match with older guys. He’s on here looking for friends and hookups, which is the same for me. And his distance from me is…

…90 feet?

That can’t be right.

It says he sent me a message, so maybe a response should clear things up.

”yo” was all his message read. Pretty typical first message on here.

”Hello. Are you really 90 feet away from me?” I typed. Most people would block you for saying more than “hi” as your first message, unless it’s “you got a fat ass” or “you mobile?”, but I feel this is a situation where I should ask immediately.

His response was fast. ”lmao yeah, watching the place for my folks this week”

Oh! He’s the Walkers’ kid! I’ve heard them mention him a few times, but I’ve never actually met him!

”Wait a minute, are you Ike Walker?” I texted.

His response was a quick “why”.

”I’m neighbors with your parents. Sandy Paulson.”

”oh yeah they’ve mentioned you before”

I smiled. “They’ve mentioned you as well!”

”can I come over, I’ll bring some dvds”


”u top or bottom”

That made me blush. “Bottom.”

”sweet, gimme a minute. u the red house in the culdesac?”

”Thatd be me.”


After he sent that last sweet, he went offline. He’s gonna be over here any second now, so I need to prep. Brushing my teeth as fast as I can, I speed cleaned, kicking dirty clothes into the closet as fast as possible. Spitting out my toothpaste, I started to check to see if I needed to shave. A futile effort, as my face is as smooth as a twink’s butt. I turned on my PS4 so we could watch movies, forgetting the theme I had on was super loud. Quickly, I changed it to a smooth theme with some nice guitar music.

The doorbell rang.

He’s here.

I opened the door for Ike. His hair’s somehow perfectly kept, even at this hour. He was a plain black t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. He has thick rimmed glasses on, which was driving me crazy. He looks so handsome.

”Sup.” He said.

”H-Hi.” My brain was malfunctioning. What the hell is he doing to me?

Ike walked in and closed the door behind him.

“You’re shorter than I expected.”


”No, it’s cute.”

He kissed my lips. It was sending a jolt through my system.

”My my.” He said, pulling away. “You’re smitten.”

I began to chuckle. What else can I do?

”So, I got some movies here.” He said, sitting down on the couch.

”Oh! Like what? Like, real movies, or…”

Ike smiled. “Lemme show you.”

I watched him take out a dvd from a bag. It didn’t have any branding on it.

”What’s that?”

”Shhhh.” He said. He slid the dvd into the player. He came back and cuddled up next to me. My breath became ragged.

Suddenly, the movie shot on the screen. It didn’t have more than a black screen, with white text that read “Never Let Me Die.”

”Ike? What is-MPH!”

I could feel his wrists grabbing mine as he started to shove his lips against me.


The screen cut to a man tasing another man. They looked like me and Ike.

EXACTLY like me and Ike. And it looked EXACTLY like this very moment.

“Ike, wha-AH!”

What the hell was THAT? My whole body is being shocked! It’s not stopping at all! But Ike isn’t even touching me anymore. What’s going on?!?


”Don't worry, this isn’t real. This is a movie. Though I wish the other guy was enjoying it more, he looks sad.”

What the hell is happening to me?!?


”Wait, wait, this is my favorite part!”

Suddenly the electricity stopped. I started to get to my feet.

”What. Did. You. Do?”

Ike laughed. “I shot this several months ago with you, so you not remember?”

What the hell is he saying?

”What the fuck are you-AAAAAAH!”

Pain. Searing, drilling pain in my kidney. Ow. Ow. I could see through the welling tears that the Ike lookalike was drilling the me lookalike in the kidney.


”Every night, I come over here. Every night, I put in that DVD. And every night you die.”


Ike stood up and was now towering over me. “It’s like I’ve captured you. You go through your day to day life, come home, and invite me over like it’s the first time we’ve met. You know my folks died like five months ago, right? Car crash. I was so sad that I didn’t even kiss you when I came in that day.”


My arm! I can’t feel my arm!

”What I’ll never understand is why YOU, of all people, won’t die? It’s fascinating. I come in, put on your snuff, let you live your death, and leave. Every time, you come back the next day, with no memory of the night. Every single time! What’s your secret?”

The pain… It hurts…

”Ah, who cares. I’ll find out tomorrow. The ending’s almost here, anyway.”

My head is spinning. Fuck, it hurts so much. Something cold and metal is against the back of my head.

Ike got up to leave. ”See you tomorrow, Sandy.”

I hear a loud sound, and the world goes black.


I will never understand why I wake up on the floor of my living room. Every morning, it’s the same. I wake up on the floor with a searing headache and drenched in sweat. I don’t get it.

I look at my phone. No new Grindr notifications.


Nobody in this town ever uses Grindr at night.

Written by SerenaWrites
Content is available under CC BY-SA