There was once a man, he did not go by a name, people used to make rumors about him, about what he do, about his terrible past.

What was his past?

He was a brilliant genetic scientist long time ago, until he got fired.

People say he’s a madman, that he tries experimenting on people of all ages in his basement, one kid swears she was in his basement and ran away, he does not care what people say about him, not as long as he can do his game.

Children were reported missing from all over the town, he liked children most, as he could watch them cry, children were not enough, so he took their parents as well.

He did all kind of experiments on them, mixed their DNA with animals, forced them to eat human and raw animal flesh, he enjoyed his life, he believed deep inside that this was heaven, and it was never going to be taken away from him.

He was right.

Day by day the people of the town disappeared, one by one, not knowing each other’s fate, the police didn’t care much as they were all rumors, children were being slaughtered in the man’s house while the people of the town were mourning.

The man was working on a project of his, a mutant, a body part from every child mixed into one big body; he wanted to be the most amazing scientist in the whole world, to create what God couldn’t.

A body part after another, mixed into the corpse of a whore, he wanted to bring back the dead.

But he couldn’t.

With enough persistence, hard work and the right inspiration, he could do anything… That is what he thought, but it was such a shock when his creation failed him, he was a failed scientist in his own eyes, but then, he looked at himself and smiled, remembering there are many tests to try.

So be careful, don’t ride with strangers or stay out for too long, the man is there, he is always there.

And how do I know all of this?

You can say that I am a test that came to life.

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