Compulsive, electromagnetic waves. Gamma burns into your cells.

Manipulation, schizophrenia, mental illnesses closed up through your filthy, fucking face.

Corruption, as you watch the body decapitate into the soft and loamy state of soil.

Tainted, as you focus into the sin of pollution which man has not shred merciful actions into doing.

Fatal wounds, move while the maggots squirm and stick their diseased face into your flesh.

You watch a child's throat being slit slowly with scissors.

You admire it.

You loved watching the child suffocate.

You gained excitement as his eyes went behind his skull.

You loved watching him cry.

You wanted to drink the blood of the child with your copper-smelling breath.

You wanted to smoothly run your fingers over his still-warm corpse.

You laughed at this thought.

You start coughing out blood as you feel something repeatedly being shoved into your spleen.

You feel pain, and laugh to the point of crying, you loved the pain. You loved it…

The last thing you see is your reflection through a dirty, and cracked mirror.

Your crooked and stitched face, with your dull, gray eyes and your tedious smile.

Then you see nothing. Nothing but darkness, and yet, your brain is still working. You remember your family, your wife, your children.

You tortured your neighbors, and so many others who were innocent.

Your filthy fucking mind realizes how much of a mistake your existence was.

You scream, but you do not, You cry, and regret what you did, but you don't. You wonder why, why you cannot forgive yourself, forgive those that you murdered.

Because it's too late.

You wasted the time you had, the time you could have used to give off your sorrow.

But you didn't.

You were a mistake.

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