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I believe I should've typed this up here at the very beginning before even posting this, but this is my first creepypasta and actually my first public post as well. It has several wrongs which I do not intend to fix. This is how I thought of it in my head, and I will keep it this way. Go ahead, you can fix it yourself. I have much more elements in my life than just this wiki which I only stumbled upon yesterday. I will admit this creepypasta was work of an amateur. I only did this for fun and it's main purpose was to prove how important Splash Mountain was. Work of an amateur. Good day all.

This was just a very heart-breaking experience for me. I tried to type down every detail so investigators could possibly connect or at least DO SOMETHING about it, unlike Disney!

One day my niece and I were at Disney World for her birthday. She loved the ride Splash Mountain and wanted to ride it on her birthday before it would be re-themed to the Princess and the Frog. I loved her so much so her mom and I promised her birthday wish would happen. So just her and I went. She flew in from Michigan with her mom (or my best friend, but my niece calls me her aunt so that caught on), and I already lived in Florida. My niece and I left without her mom and were at Frontierland when a guy in the Brer Rabbit (he's the main character on Splash Mountain) mascot costume came and said he was gifting random kids free Splash Mountain merchandise as a little farewell to Splash Mountain since it would be closing soon. He said he would take around two or three kids at a time into the room (which he never mentioned a name or where it was) with him and the kid got to pick out a toy. So I let my niece go because I knew she would just love it. I remember the Brer Rabbit mascot costume being very friendly with my niece. He held her hand and they walked a few ways. So I figured I would just follow them. They met two other small families (when I mean small I mean just one kid and their parent or guardian) and the kids left with the Brer Rabbit costume and my niece while the other parents followed along just like what I did.

They reached the room which was right on the side of Splash Mountain where no one could see it. The Brer Rabbit mascot costume opened the door and noticed I was there watching, so he waved right before going inside with my niece. So I couldn't help but wave back because I too loved Disney. Me and the other parents waiting just gave some small talk and it was pretty awkward, so we just waited.

After 5 or 10 minutes later, I realized something was wrong. So I went up to the door and tried opening it but it was locked, which I hadn't figured because the Brer Rabbit guy and the kids were already in there. My stomach gave that light feeling and I, plus the other parents, went to a cast member. We told them what happened calmly (one half of me believed that the guy accidentally locked the door, which I swore to myself was the reason why it was locked). But the cast member didn't know what we were talking about and asked us to show him what door we were talking about. But we couldn't find where the door was because it was out of view from everything else. And I panicked really badly.

We never found the door. The bodies of all three children (including my niece) were found with wounds sitting against a wall behind the fake briar patch near the one part of the ride where the animatronic Brer Rabbit and Mr. Bluebird are singing and Brer Fox and Brer Bear are watching from afar planning their attack on Brer Rabbit. Ever since I have had an awful feeling of guilt for my niece's death. Like it was my fault. Of course it is my fault. It always has. It is all my fault for the unfortunate death of my niece. Disney has kept this murder a secret, of course! They don't want to close their parks to investigate because all they want is the cash! Like always! Of course, it was never like this, back at old Disney. I wish Walt was still alive and running this place like a true boss.

After her murder, her mom decided to look through the notes that were written by my niece to see if there was anything worth-while about her life that she kept secret that could also bring back memories of her. One note was labeled "Murder at the Mountain" which somewhat shocked her mom. I'll type exactly what the note said.

"On my birthday, I'm planning on riding Splash Mountain, what a special day it'll be! I'll ride in the log, then get off around the area where Brer Rabbit and Mr. Bluebird are singing the song 'How Do You Do?' Maybe I'll get off the log secretly, or maybe I shall do it in front of everyone! But no matter what, I will! I will reveal a knife from the pocket of my pants! I will stab myself right next to Brer Rabbit. And it will all be just for him. So will two others. But this time, one will kill themself near the spot where I will kill myself, right next to Brer Bear who will be watching from afar. And one will kill themself next to Brer Fox who will be in the next room past the room where Brer Rabbit and Mr. Bluebird are singing 'How Do You Do?' I will prove to everyone that Brer Rabbit matters! That Song of the South matters! And that Splash Mountain matters! Hopefully my movement will prevail and prove the valuable Splash Mountain is worthy of being kept! Hopefully everyone will know of my death and realize someone killed themself for the worthiness of Splash Mountain! I know I've been watching too much Five Nights at Freddy's, but the things they say in that game are true. A soul can live on in almost anything if they have unfinished business to attend or if they died a grueling gory death! I will have unfinished business to attend, alright! There was a reason why I would kill myself next to Brer Rabbit, and why the others would kill themselves next to the other two br'ers, and that, my friend, I will tell you about! We will live on in the suits. We will prove and teach all about Splash Mountain and it's worthiness to live. Once everyone has it printed in their mind that Splash Mountain matters more than that stupid The Princess and the Frog movie, me and my new dead friends will finally be freed. We will prove those idiots."

When I first read this, I was shocked. No matter what, she was planning on dying right on Splash Mountain, right where the three dead bodies were found (including her). But I know I could've prevented this. I would've stopped her from getting off. But this man, he went straight ahead and killed my beloved niece, and the two others himself. I feel that I could've prevented this too. If I could've just been a greater aunt, then I knew I could've not left her alone with some stranger! I wish I was never involved with this in the first place. It was all my fault. The most beloved angel in the world has died, and it's all because of me! ME! I don't deserve anything! I don't deserve my home, nor my husband! I don't deserve my life!

Hello, this is not the woman you think it is. I rather not share her name, as she never shared her's throughout the grieving story. This is her husband. My wife, she killed herself. Reading the last paragraph she wrote, I figure she did this because, well... she thought she didn't deserve her life. She thought she failed. She thought she didn't deserve her body after what she did. She thought as her punishment, she would remove her soul from it.

If you can see this, dear, it is never your fault for something someone else did. I hope when you're reading this, you know that I still love you with all my heart, no matter what you do. Maybe, maybe you can come back? Please come back. I love you. You didn't deserve this. You only deserved the best. You tried, yet you failed. But everyone makes mistakes. And they say mistakes are how you learn. You made another mistake, and it was worse than a punishment. You gave up your life. And my dear niece, if you're reading this, we love you too. Although there may never have been anything I could do for you, your aunt still tried. She wanted to make your birthday wish come true. And I hope she did.