My Love Thy Beauty

We are nothing in this empty circle. The day she came to our wedding I was almost elated, but I knew it was fake. This emotion, the anger, the love, the fear. It swept me with such gall! Music was my only sanctuary in this accursed existence. I was not loved nor hated. I was empty as an infant without milk from its mother.

But then, music gave me what no person or religion could give. It gave me life! My thirst quenched at last. Out of the 49 years of my life the only one that ever talked to me, listened to me, made sensual love to me, was music.

Those impudent spoiled brats couldn’t understand. Just like their whore of a mother. That vile woman! She had to go. My love affair was far too pleasing to let go. The music was better than emotional or physical love. It was quite easy to slay her. You see she was quite the health freak.

So, I waited for her morning tea. I then slipped some arsenic in. And voila! No more negative sayings like “Put on some something other than this dull crap.” Or “Come on Larry, put on something lighter! How about Taylor Swift?” I hated her and her children with all my heart.

Anyways, enough about that disgusting creature and back to this wondrous music! Let's see what the nurse brought today, shall we? Aha! I see the doctor has quite the ear for sending me this beauty. (As I already assumed.) Now for those who do not know this, I believe it to be "Solveig's Song" by Amelita Galli-Curci. One of her only songs by electric recordings.

The needle of the tonearm is oh so pleasing when it hits the disc oh so gently... Wait...

The song whispered to me, doctor. Can’t you here it? I thought you were different than the others. I presume not. No matter, I will continue to listen. I must… Yes I understand.

I’m sorry doctor but, I must...

I have done it now, my darling. They are dead. Now make love to my senses. Your song and others like you, my pure one, is like eternity resting its serenading lust upon my ears. My love. Your beauty does not fade. Ever.

Written by NeveRsLeePwitHme 
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