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I have sleeping problems every night, and it is so troublesome to get sleep. Sleeping issues are not just staring at the TV or phone, it's a genuine disorder. Actual emotions happen due to lack of sleep, and performances can be awful because of it. I am so grateful my boss understands my condition and shows me ways to help sleep. Attempting to utilize medications has never worked for me, and the side effects are unpleasant to experience. Mobile applications don't work for me either, they make annoying noises, and that's it. I find myself sweating every night as I have stress attacks. I run off of coffee the entire time I work, but when I am off of it, I am so exhausted I can not even move. Going nights without sleep at all is quite common for me as I went through another sleepless night. I was browsing Reddit as I came across an external link to a website.

"Restless men and women click here! The latest sleep help mobile app is here! Download MySleep today!"

I looked at the ad with some form of skepticism, and there was no sign of sponsorship, and there no ad mark placement. I looked at OP's profile, and he placed the same ad in many subreddits. I looked at the link again and just clicked. It brought me to a website that showed a mobile advertisement. A slideshow played of an app. MySleep was the name of the app, and it resembled an ad with every known virus known to man. But I was so desperate I opened the app from some strange website. It had quite a few positive ratings.

"Helps my sleep tremendously! Never thought it would work!" - Nova6_OG_53

"Many people should try this! It helps me sleep so much better!" - MasonryMaster 44

"Never expected such good results!" - Zombie_Kiddyer69

"So important for my sleep!" - TheonlydOGgdoggy

"Makes me sleep so much better." - Aleener24

"Good app for sleep, never felt better." - Couldn't Read

I chuckled at the overwhelmingly positive reviews. It reminded me of Google wiping all of the negative TikTok reviews, haha. I had noticed an odd review in the corner of my eyes at the bottom screen.


The computer just died instantly, and I couldn't finish reading it. I remember charging it this morning, and it was at fifteen percent just a few minutes ago. I looked around for my laptop charger, not finding it in my usual spot. I put in the charger and waited a few minutes for the battery to fill up a bit. I opened Google Play and searched franticly for that review, finding nothing but positive reviews. I found a few other negative reviews, some saying it was not useful others said it gave them headaches. I would be fine with a few headaches, I didn't really get affected that badly by pills. And of course, I was desperate, so I downloaded it. It took like five minutes, a very long time for a mobile app. Questioning how I was going to use the app, I looked around my attic to see if I could find something to listen to.  After finding nothing, I looked around my basement. And there it was, my ex's old Divoom Voombox Travel. Not sponsored but damn that speaker bumped some good tunes. After doing a check for audio quality, I gave it permission to connect to my phone. After a connection check, I grabbed my old kickstand and my iPhone 7 next to my mattress. Once that was all set up I was pretty tired, so I decided to go to bed. After laying down,  I opened the app and looked at its main menu. There were two different tabs, an advertisement for Coca Cola. One of the tabs said, "Sounds for Sleep," the other said, "Rate Us!" I tapped Sounds for Sleep, and it opened a list of looped sound effects to listen to.

Calm Beach

White Noise

Tropical Forest


Summer Night




Running Stream


Bird Chirping

Slime Stretch


I selected the Slime Stretch tab, and it was very relaxing for the concept. It sounded like my 6th-grade science experiment, doing all kinds of stupid things with slime. Mr. Watson was one of those teachers who never cared. I remembered all the fun times I had in a flash, and then I fell asleep. To this day I do not know how I could fall asleep instantly, much less to the sounds of slime. And I swear to God I saw something weird as I drifted off. I later woke up at around four in the morning, exhausted and in pain for some reason. I heard some whispering, then I fell asleep instantly. Like a girl's whispering. I could not even try to believe it when I woke up and felt fully rested. But I kept asking myself; what the hell did I see? I went to work like any other normal day. But I was awake and actually happy to work. Although I did not have the best of jobs, I wasn't even that much of a slacker. But I got so much done that day.

Everyone remarked about how much energy I had. Hell, even my supervisor took notice. It felt nice to be talked about, I'm not the most social of people. I told my friend Mark about the app, and how well it works. He said he's been using the app for almost an entire week, which is odd because the copyright sign claimed it came out a few days ago, and I remember the Reddit posts were new as well. But at the time I just kept working off my energy. Even after work, I had some energy left to enjoy myself. I got to work on a book I had been too tired to update, I just stopped for no reason and I don't know why. I loved to write fantasy novels with all the medieval treats. I was so proud of my work but stopped when I suddenly couldn't sleep as well as I used to. Some house cleaning was also done, I felt happy and alive again. So much so that I was actually happy to go to sleep again. I even made sure I also went to bed an hour early. Now tucked into my bed, I opened the app, greeted by the same menu. Tonight I decided to try out the Songbirds, and I still fell asleep instantly once again. But you should never trust a mobile app, even if it looks like it works. I woke up at 4:20 AM, awake and unable to move. I looked around the room to see a flash of movement. Terror filled my bones as I realized I was not dreaming. Shadows seemed to form on the walls, creeping closer along with my ceiling. I know from a friend some people can experience sleep paralysis but had never experienced it ever in my life. I never have had it before, it was strange.

I looked at the figure, as it slowly descended from the ceiling. I ran out the door immediately, no thinking. I bolted out of the room, ran to the car, and started it. I drove the f*** away and started writing this, I feel like I need to sleep...

(Hello, my name is David, I found a dead guy in a car on a highway on my way to work, I don't want to get involved in this. I will only insert the CBS news transcript and the transcript for an advertisement I saw on the TV. I'm not downloading the app but I'm leaving all of this alone.)


"Police have discovered a dead body inside of a 2019 Honda Civic on Highway Route 110. According to the report, the passenger side window was broken into and the passenger was strangled to death. The passenger reported being a man named Walter Clarke. It is unknown who committed the crime, and the police are investigating as time goes forward. The LAPD would request that anybody who knows anything contact them as soon as possible. I am Amy Price with CBS News, and now we will come back after the break..."

"Do you have insomnia or any other sleep disorder? Do you have terrible nightmares? Do you need better sleep? Download MySleep, the #1 sleep aid app on Google Play, and all the other app stores! Download now today!"

(If you find any evidence of this strange thing, please contact me at this account, I will try to prove this insane theory)