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When first I met my Angeline
I found her features fair
Her stunning jewelry polished clean
Her vibrant gown a forest green
Her wavy scarlet hair

I thought I'd fallen at first sight
Full-fledged in love with her
She sat alone in dead of night
Her skin aglow in candle light
Her coat of fox's fur

Her shawl, a Winter's air defense
Her jewels, she wore with pride
So obvious her opulence
Reflective of the radiance
That shone through from inside

She bore a novel in her hand
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
A sharper mind it did demand
A twisted plot to comprehend
And, with enough wit, spoil

A brain so keen and form so fine
Raw brilliance, through and through
But solitude did undermine
I knew that I must make her mine
And nothing less would do

So I approached and braved to ask
If we could set a date
In equal wealth we both would bask
And look beyond our outward masks
To see if we relate

At first she claimed that she would not
For she was, then, engaged
She showed to me the ring he bought
But as she was alone, I though
Her fears could be assuaged

I asked of her a single chance
One night so she could see
I claimed, though met through happenstance
I'd ravish her with such romance
That she would fall for me

She gave a little chuckle, turned
And looked me up and down
She caught my eye, and quickly learned
A blazing passion in me burned
A fire she couldn't drown

So she relented to my whim
And asked me when and where
A restaurant on city rim
A place to prove me more than him
Where we would be a pair

At eight PM, we said we'd meet
Our date on Friday night
And with that, she reclaimed her seat
Her hair pulled back and dressings neat
And I strode out of sight

But as I passed the garden gate
I worried for that day
That she'd not show, or I'd be late
That I'd miss out on something great
Or throw my prize away

Then came the night I'd come to dread
The night we'd meet again
And she'd arrived, as she had said
But this time bore a dress of red
And larger gems than then

The waiter sat us at a booth
And I locked eyes with her
But while she found this course uncouth
I searched those sapphire pools for truth
To see what would occur

The lady caught on to my game
But rather than obscene
She found it fun, and did the same
And when I gave away my name
She answered, "Angeline."

From that point forth, we talked so free
It seemed her mind had changed
And in due course, I came to see
His bride, she hadn't chose to be
Her marriage was arranged

I looked into her eyes again
And found a pleading gaze
And in an instant, I knew when
I told her, "Meet me in the glen,
"the heart of hedge-cut maze."

That she would go at my behest
To see what I would say
And so she folowed my request
And on one knee, I did suggest
That with me, she'd away

My statement left her mouth agape
And barely could she stand
For with my promise of escape
I let my coat around her drape
And ring slip on her hand

A golden band of perfect size
A crystal set within
And with that, I would claim my prize
Look deep into her azure eyes
And kiss in lustful sin

We pooled our wealth, and with our sum
We set a date to wed
Before too long the day had come
Our day of love and scattered crumb
When our I do's were said

She asked that I would take her far
And so we did depart
I took my favorite open car
And we drove long 'neath shining star
'Till one home caught her heart

The home we chose, though market rife
Sat in the countryside
For near a year, my newfound wife
Transformed that house to suit our life
Up to the day she died

Her sickness came on like a storm
As we both slept one eve
I'd made us dinner, rich and warm
My cooking had become the norm
To help my stress relieve

But as we slept, I heard a cough
From her side of the bed
She thought that she could sleep it off
But soon her health would hit its trough
And Angeline was dead

Her doctors said, that evening
My lady caught the flu
In just two days, that scourge would bring
Her death, and there was not a thing
That anyone could do

That's what the doctors said, at least
'Fore she was laid to grave
But no. In truth, she was deceased
And dessicated by disease
From poison that I gave

Distilled from average castor beans
A mastered task of mine
And all those months, I had the means
To take the life of Angeline
And grant a boon to mine

She did not take long to expire
The fruits of heinous crime
And though her wealth I did desire
Within the meantime, I'd admired
Her beauty one last time

This toxin no one could detect
And with her body cold
To me, her death they can't connect
My final prize I could collect
I claimed her jewels and gold

There was a single shiny thing
That I could not retrieve
They buried her with golden ring
But I had many more to bring
My next mark would recieve

When first I met my sweet Colleen
I saw another tool
A naive girl of seventeen
The princess of a wealthy queen
The next girl I would fool

Written by TheWizardOfTheWoods
Content is available under CC BY-SA