It was late on a Sunday evening, and I had work the next day. I tossed and turned violently on my twin sized bed. From behind the door, my cat Charlie was scratching like mad to get in. He had been going at it for a good five minutes now and wasn't showing any signs of stopping.

Sure, the simple solution would have been to simply let him in and run rampant around my bedroom. I couldn't have that. Besides, he would get all of his messy fur over my expensive bed covers. I did debate a few times getting up and just letting him in, but quickly got back into bed before my feet even touched the ground.

From behind the door, Charlie continued scratching. After some time passed, soft murmuring

Cat waiting outside door

could be heard coming from outside my door. It was clearly Charlie trying his best to convince me to let him inside. I still wasn't having any of it. The constant scratching on the door from Charlie's paws was beginning to aggravate me as I'm sure it would anyone else in my situation. Charlie was also beginning to become impatient as he had begun digging his claws into the carpet outside my room. I wouldn't be surprised if he had done some serious damage to the door. It was already filled to the brim with cuts and marks as it was.

I looked over at my alarm clock and saw that it just had gone two in the morning. This was getting ridiculous, as I had to go to work in just a few hours! "Charlie! Cut it out!" I yelled as loud as I could but the tiredness was evident in my voice. Everything fell silent for a few minutes until I heard Charlie scratching at the door again. He also went back to making that soft murmuring sound. It wasn't even meowing it was just a soft murmur kind of like he was purring. He was really going at the door now. He was scratching so much that it was driving me insane!

I decided to turn over on my other side whilst simultaneously ignoring Charlie's constant scratching of my door. Whilst turning over to my other side, I felt a large lump at the bottom of the bed. I found that odd and leaned over to touch the lump. I felt something soft and furry. A soft purring noise could be heard as I stroked it. That's when something dawned on me. My cat was already in bed with me.

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